Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away!!!

It was a lot of fun to visit Grand,a and Grandpa at their new home at Lake Macquarie. We left on Christmas Day and the girls went on their first ever plane ride! They did soooo well. Tori watched Dora the Explorer on a portable DVD player, and Eadie slept comfortably in my arms. Such a relief!! They were SO excited as we waited:

My parents have a beautiful new house situated on a canal running off the lake and it is just gorgeous. Ducks and boats float past and there is nothing more relaxing than sitting on your lounge-room couch and looking out over beautiful water. Here's some pics:

Lake Macquarie, for those who don't know, is about 30 mins out of New Castle, a beautiful part of the country. UNFORTUNATELY it was raining the entire time we were there!! So we weren't able to do the 'touristy' things we had planned. EADIE also decided to cut her first two teeth while we were there, so we had a couple of nights and early mornings in the shower attempting to reduce fevers and trying to calm her. Poor baby. But the girls still had a great time. We even managed to get them to sleep! Uh yes, Eadie is on the floor inbetween the wardrobe and the couch... pretty nifty, eh??

Jamie, Cassandra and the girls also made it down the same time we were there. We only had a couple of days with them, but it was fun to hang out and the girls absolutely loved being at Grandma's place together again:

Between teething and the rain, it was all a little too full on for us to go through it in someone else's home (even if they were my parents!), so we ended up leaving a couple of days early. As usual, the day after we changed our flight plans was the first sunny day we had had all week, so we were happy to have one day to get out and about. But it was great to come home and Eadie's teeth are growing great, so that's the main thing!! We are really excited to head back down in the next few months - here's hoping the weather will be better!! we were able to get some pretty snaps in though. Here are some:


People don't believe me when I tell them the cheeky things Tori does from day to day. "What? I don't believe it!" they say. "She doesn't seem like the type of girl to do that, she is so well behaved!" Well, here's the proof! From stripping down and dressing up 'like mummy', or making sand castles in the kitchen with wet paper towel, she loves to get messy and create quite a masterpiece! Must be from Juan's side of the family.....

The Scary Lion

You can imagine my confusion when Tori rushes in from the backyard screaming 'Mummy! Mummy! There's a lion in our backyard!" She was absolutely terrified, and I wondered what she could be talking about.. so I went outside and this is what I saw.....

"WHAT THE-?" My goodness, it really did look like a lion! (well, a lioness, or even a tiger to be more precise). Although utterly impressed with her imagination, I told her that it was just the shadows from the clothes on the line. But she refused to stay outside and didn't go out for the rest of the day! She now notices shadow animals everywhere we go. I am always hearing "look mum, a bear!" or "Mum, there's a monster!" Hmm.. should I be worried???

Rani Graduated!!!

FINALLY! Nine years after I began, in September last year I became am a Uni graduate!!! Between travelling to the states, going on a mission, working, getting married, having children, and everything in between, uni was pushed here and there, until over the past 2 years I dedicated myself to finishing it. I became 'the pregnant girl' walking around campus - TWICE!!! But the BIG DAY came and I walked across that stage wearing that fancy - and heavy! - hat. What an exciting day! Although I never imagined myself making a baby bottle in between dress rehearsals! It was certainly a huge event, and it was a great feeling. I now have a Bachelor of Commerce with a double major in Journalism and Marketing. Now what do I do with it..?? (Here's hoping it will help me with making a cake business!! :)

Our First Halloween

In 2009 we had our first ever halloween! Halloween is not that big in Australia yet, but it is growing every year. This year we were invited to the Pollard's for a party and 'trick or treat' so we dressed the girls up and had a great time! Tori LOVED dressing up as a bumblebee, and Eadie looked like the perfect little pumpkin. We just wanted to eat her up! I know, I know, Juan and I didn't dress up... maybe next year??