Monday, February 22, 2010


Eadie is up on her legs now and making her way around the house holding on to every piece of furniture she can find. If there is no furniture she will try climbing a wall, cupboard doors or very often, any free-standing LEGS! But her favorite way to get around is on the Dora Truck, a gift from Grandma and Grandpa to Tori when she turned one. Eadie holds on to the back and pushes it around the house. We know she reached her destination when we hear the "bang" as the truck runs into walls, the coffee table, or the staircase. So cute...

10km Challenge Update

I have officially fulfilled my 3km goal, so I'm heading on to 4km. This was exciting in itself, but to look at my watch and realise I did it keeping within my 6 minute per km goal was an even greater feeling! I gave myself about 21 minutes to complete it, but was surprised and happy when I looked down and saw only 18 minutes had passed! GREAT! So I have continued with this goal in mind to keep my time down to around this time. So, here's the update:

THE ULTIMATE GOAL: 10km in under 1 hour
CURRENT GOAL: 4km in under 25 minutes
TIME FRAME: 18 weeks

I'll keep you posted!
OH, AND GUESS WHAT? Juan said this morning that he was thinking about joining me in the run! I'm not holding my breath, but when he officialy says he WILL do it, I'll definately celebrate by letting you all know!

The FABULOUS new Pillows!!

This will seem like a weird log, but I want to show my mum and sister how fabulous my new couch pillows are - I had looked for about a year for the "perfect" pillow, and at last I found them! Until I began looking, I had no idea I was so particular about pillows. Every one I saw was either too formal, too casual, too frilly, too plain, too decorative, not 'couchy', too 'couchy', too dark, too light, too dull, too bright, too flat, too puffy, etc, etc. But then..... MYER. I am going through a Green Phase. I love indoor plants, so I am bringing them into my decor and putting them throughout my home. I have two in the kitchen and one in the bathroom and I just love them. So when I saw the green pillows I knew they would match perfectly with The Look. They are textured but not 'untouchable' and they are bright, but not 'out there'. This is them...

GORGEOUS! I am so happy with them. You can rest against them and not crush any decoration, but they look fancy enough to dress up the room. FABULOUS!

The "enDo Cake"

What a busy week! On top of doing Alisha's baby shower planned for Saturday 27th, I also took on the job of making a cake for Kara's Enjo Launch. Kara wanted an 'environmental' look, using different greens, some leaves on the top and the word Enjo on the front. It was just a small cake, but I was excited to see how I would go making leaves. Half way through I was convinced it was going to look terrible, but in the end I was actually very happy with the result! (Except for the word ENJO. It looks more like ENDO!!!! Oops!!!)

I used printing pads and leaf cutouts, but I also added in some 'eucalyptus' leaves I bought from the UK a while back. I was glad I remembered them, because I think they added something special. Oh, and I also discovered that a chocolate mud cake doesn't need cocoa in order to taste delicious and chocolatey! I thought I had some in the cupboard but realised I didn't half way throgh the process... the girls were both asleep - at the same time! - and there was no way I was waking them up to go to the shop, so I made do by adding extra chocolate and extra cadbury powder. Covered in dark ganache it was delicious - and very chocolatey!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I have decided to participate in the Gold Coast 10km Run in July!

THE ULTIMATE GOAL - 10km in under 1 hour
THE TIME-FRAME - 20 weeks

That's right!! I'm committed, and I even have some friends on Facebook who are going to do it as well! I am so excited about it! Since I started early morning jogging on New Years day, it has been a roller coaster of emotions. The first two weeks were just awesome, everything I wanted and MORE! Jogging 6 days a week, I was excited to get out there, I was accomplishing goals, and I just felt alive with excitement about it. But then I sprained my ankle and was out of action for 3 weeks. I was hobbling everywhere, and I actually MISSED being able to go jogging at 5.30am! After a couple of weeks I still planned to get back into it and after buying new sneakers I finally did. But somewhere along the weeks I lost something... that passion I had felt wasn't there anymore. I still wanted to get fit, create an outlet, accomplish goals.. but did I want to put in the effort after all? It's so early.. it's getting colder.. I'm so tired... etc, etc, etc. So I ran on and off for a week, not really 'feeling it'.

But then this week I decided to get my 'mojo' back. I set some more goals, went out, and actually fulfilled them. I could do this! And I was getting better! But I needed a BIGGER GOAL. Something that would motivate me to press harder, get up and go out. I needed a challenge!! And that was how I found the Gold Coast Marathon 10km Run. It's on Saturday, July 3rd, 7:25am (the only running event in QLD actually held on a Saturday - Yay!) at Surfers Paradise. The course is flat and beautiful, and it is run by THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of people every year from all over the WORLD. Who knew this even existed? Not me!! But I am determined and excited to give it a go!!
I'll keep you posted on my progress - GRIPPING SUSPENSE!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Freckle Named "Destiny Pickle"...

Come one, Come all! It's awesome, it's adorable! It's.... A FRECKLE!!!! Vettoria Nicolle Montes has a FRECKLE! That's right, you heard it here first! Check this out:

Don't quite see it?? Let me point it out for you! :

At first I thought it was a spec of dirt. But it wouldn't wipe off... Was it chocolate? Didn't taste like chocolate.... Could it be? Is it really so? It is! A first, real, brown, round, perfectly sized FRECKLE! ("heavenly choir angels cue here") Isn't it gorgeous? It needed a name. I suggested... "Destiny". Tori didn't like that. She wanted to call it "Pickle Maggu-lat". Hmm... interesting.. OK, What about "Destiny Pickle"? She was happy with that. Serioulsy, I never thought I would be so excited to have a daughter with a freckle. Rather, I thought it would be a solemn occasion with tears and apologies. But it wasn't! At last, my big girl carries something, however small, that resembles ME, her mother; the one who brought her into the world. Justice has been served!

Playdoh Princess

Tori LOVES playing with Playdoh. Almost every day we pull out the colors and start creating. I say 'we' because - well, who likes to play with playdoh by themselves?? Not Tori! "Come play playdoh with me mummy! Come, come!" she says, waving her little hand in the air. Even though it's not my favorite past-time, how can I resist that little hand beckoning me to come and create a smile? So I go over and play - again. Her favorite playdoh scene is making a Teddy Bear's Picnic. We sometimes send them to the park, or to a lake. We make a big sun when it is day, or a moon and stars when it is night. Of course, this means they get cold, and we have to cover them with 'blankets', or sometimes we use their 'beach towels'. We give them 'bottles' to help them fall asleep. There are usually butterflies sitting in a big tree, and there is ALWAYS lots of food to eat! Making the food is Tori's favorite part of playing with P'Doh. Interesting, she also loves helping mummy at dinner time...

Maybe we have a chef in the family?? Hmm.. maybe not with Rani as her teacher!! :-)

...And, She's Off!!

Well, at long last it has happened. Eadie is crawling EVERYWHERE! She scurries about as fast as her little knees will take her. She's fully head down, bum up, and she's doing a great job. OK, so I know we shouldn't laugh at someone else's misfortune, but this is a funny story: Juan and I were sitting on the couch last night and Eadie was crawling around. We watched as she crawled as fast as she could past us towards the front door. We both turned back to the television after she passed. That is until we heard a sudden little "Thump". We looked at eachother and giggled as we realised she had sped head first into the door! The poor thing sat there wimpering and rubbing her little head. She hasn't yet mastered the art of breaking, nor looking up and crawling at the same time. Meanwhile, we're finding it incredibly funny :-)
Anyway, as all parents know with this mobile time also comes the dreaded 'crawl to where she can get into trouble' phase. So our house will need a thorough baby proofing again for danger/messy spots.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Late Night Swimming!!!

Now that Juan works in the city again, the girls and I use it as a good excuse to hit Southbank for a swim and play on the toys a couple of times a week if possible. Today we decided it would be fun to pick him up and go in for a dinner time swim and a picnic. And it was fun! The girls absolutely LOVE water, and they are both getting really confident with splashing, putting their heads under, and just having a ball. Tori even does "big girl swimming" all by herself, like this:

The weather was lovely - even Juan got in for a swim! Tori was so excited when he took her into the "grown up" beach and they practiced holding their breath and putting their heads under the water (no, they aren't peeing in the pool, it's the lights in the water! :-)

After our swim we sat on a grassy bank and had a little picnic. The skyline was just beautiful and we had a great time. Our favorite times in the world are spending fun nights together like this one. We are trying to have more of them lately, as Juan has just finished another semester of school and we have a three week break until his next one. So we're taking advantage!!
We took some pics of the girls on their big night out! eNjOy!
)Oh, and note the pic of me and the girls up the top - Eadie looks just like Juan, and is even doing a little 'homie' pose with her hand. So funny!)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Oh no... Here we go again!

Well, it's begun.... Eadie has hit the "OH NO!" stage. She is now old enough to reach things, crawl to things, fall over, eat everything in sight, etc, etc, etc. Tori, although over a lot of this, is still a little trouble-maker in her own cheeky way (see 'Cheeky Tori' post). But this was Eadie's first "OH NO!" moment (and surely not the last!) I walked out of the bathroom, not thinking twice about the toilet roll... and find this when I return...

"Oh no...!"
Silly mummy..... Silly, niave Mummy.....

Latest Eadie update... Just today this is what I find walking back into the lounge-room... the shoes and nappy drawers will never be safe again....!

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Off to the Park we GO!

We love going to the park as a family. Often on the weekend we will take a couple of hours out and go to Underwood Park to feed the ducks some bread. (well, if there's any left by the time Tori finishes with it! :
The girls just LOVE it and I just can't get over the beautiful wildlife we always see down there! I'm talkin' HUGE orange goldfish, all sorts of ducks, fish jumping, birds diving and catching bread, and lizards, frogs, even turtles!! (Hmm, do I need to get out more??) Tori sometimes takes her 'camera' and takes pics of all the animals. So cute..
During the day the girls and I will sometimes go down for a walk and a play on the toys. One day I took some pics to remember the great times we have had.. These were taken about 5 months ago, but I'm sure you'll still recognise us! (well, maybe not Eadie.. haha). Enjoy!

Best of Friends

It is so great to see how well Tori and Eadie get along. Although they are almost 2 years apart, Tori treats Eadie with love and kindness (even when Eadie is obviously frustrating her!) And Eadie just adores her big sister. Every day Tori does something that makes Eadie crack up laughing. Like this pic:

It might be dancing and throwing herself around the room that sends Eadie into stitches, or like today, putting Eadie's pepe (dummy/pacifier) into her mouth and lying down on the couch and pretending to hide her face while Eadith tries to reach out and grab it with her hand. Just before she pulls it out of her mouth, Tori then pulled away and pretends to hide again. Eadie's giggles were so cute, and her squeals just got louder and louder with excitement. But what is just as good is walking into their bedroom and seeing Tori 'reading' a book to Eadie after she has woken up.. I just had to snap a pic:

We certainly are blessed to have such beautiful baby girls! (In these pics, note Eadie's weight change - from 6lbs to over 22lbs in less than 8 months! Check this one out. This was taken just after New Years Day - Eadie was not yet 8 months old and Vettoria is 2 1/2....

UH... WOW. But hey, Vettoria doesn't seem to mind the extra bulk at all. Here's some more pics to pull on the heart strings..

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Our Big Green Thumbs

We are totally excited about a very simple thing. Our front garden patch. We had no idea that planting our own flowers would be so exciting! (And I had no idea it would be so easy! :-) OK, so Juan did all the hard work. He dug out the old weeds and bushes - some were massive by the way! - and added organic fertiliser and extra soil. I went to Bunnings and got a variety of cute flowers and together we planted them. We are so excited to watch them grow, they're like a bunch of new little babies! We fertilise them every week and water them once a day. Tori even has her own watering can, so she helps remind us when we haven't fed them! Juan is determined not to let me kill them, and I'm determined to show Juan that I do know how to keep plants alive!