Monday, February 22, 2010

10km Challenge Update

I have officially fulfilled my 3km goal, so I'm heading on to 4km. This was exciting in itself, but to look at my watch and realise I did it keeping within my 6 minute per km goal was an even greater feeling! I gave myself about 21 minutes to complete it, but was surprised and happy when I looked down and saw only 18 minutes had passed! GREAT! So I have continued with this goal in mind to keep my time down to around this time. So, here's the update:

THE ULTIMATE GOAL: 10km in under 1 hour
CURRENT GOAL: 4km in under 25 minutes
TIME FRAME: 18 weeks

I'll keep you posted!
OH, AND GUESS WHAT? Juan said this morning that he was thinking about joining me in the run! I'm not holding my breath, but when he officialy says he WILL do it, I'll definately celebrate by letting you all know!

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