Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Best of Friends

It is so great to see how well Tori and Eadie get along. Although they are almost 2 years apart, Tori treats Eadie with love and kindness (even when Eadie is obviously frustrating her!) And Eadie just adores her big sister. Every day Tori does something that makes Eadie crack up laughing. Like this pic:

It might be dancing and throwing herself around the room that sends Eadie into stitches, or like today, putting Eadie's pepe (dummy/pacifier) into her mouth and lying down on the couch and pretending to hide her face while Eadith tries to reach out and grab it with her hand. Just before she pulls it out of her mouth, Tori then pulled away and pretends to hide again. Eadie's giggles were so cute, and her squeals just got louder and louder with excitement. But what is just as good is walking into their bedroom and seeing Tori 'reading' a book to Eadie after she has woken up.. I just had to snap a pic:

We certainly are blessed to have such beautiful baby girls! (In these pics, note Eadie's weight change - from 6lbs to over 22lbs in less than 8 months! Check this one out. This was taken just after New Years Day - Eadie was not yet 8 months old and Vettoria is 2 1/2....

UH... WOW. But hey, Vettoria doesn't seem to mind the extra bulk at all. Here's some more pics to pull on the heart strings..

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