Monday, February 22, 2010

The "enDo Cake"

What a busy week! On top of doing Alisha's baby shower planned for Saturday 27th, I also took on the job of making a cake for Kara's Enjo Launch. Kara wanted an 'environmental' look, using different greens, some leaves on the top and the word Enjo on the front. It was just a small cake, but I was excited to see how I would go making leaves. Half way through I was convinced it was going to look terrible, but in the end I was actually very happy with the result! (Except for the word ENJO. It looks more like ENDO!!!! Oops!!!)

I used printing pads and leaf cutouts, but I also added in some 'eucalyptus' leaves I bought from the UK a while back. I was glad I remembered them, because I think they added something special. Oh, and I also discovered that a chocolate mud cake doesn't need cocoa in order to taste delicious and chocolatey! I thought I had some in the cupboard but realised I didn't half way throgh the process... the girls were both asleep - at the same time! - and there was no way I was waking them up to go to the shop, so I made do by adding extra chocolate and extra cadbury powder. Covered in dark ganache it was delicious - and very chocolatey!

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