Monday, February 22, 2010

The FABULOUS new Pillows!!

This will seem like a weird log, but I want to show my mum and sister how fabulous my new couch pillows are - I had looked for about a year for the "perfect" pillow, and at last I found them! Until I began looking, I had no idea I was so particular about pillows. Every one I saw was either too formal, too casual, too frilly, too plain, too decorative, not 'couchy', too 'couchy', too dark, too light, too dull, too bright, too flat, too puffy, etc, etc. But then..... MYER. I am going through a Green Phase. I love indoor plants, so I am bringing them into my decor and putting them throughout my home. I have two in the kitchen and one in the bathroom and I just love them. So when I saw the green pillows I knew they would match perfectly with The Look. They are textured but not 'untouchable' and they are bright, but not 'out there'. This is them...

GORGEOUS! I am so happy with them. You can rest against them and not crush any decoration, but they look fancy enough to dress up the room. FABULOUS!

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