Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Off to the Park we GO!

We love going to the park as a family. Often on the weekend we will take a couple of hours out and go to Underwood Park to feed the ducks some bread. (well, if there's any left by the time Tori finishes with it! :
The girls just LOVE it and I just can't get over the beautiful wildlife we always see down there! I'm talkin' HUGE orange goldfish, all sorts of ducks, fish jumping, birds diving and catching bread, and lizards, frogs, even turtles!! (Hmm, do I need to get out more??) Tori sometimes takes her 'camera' and takes pics of all the animals. So cute..
During the day the girls and I will sometimes go down for a walk and a play on the toys. One day I took some pics to remember the great times we have had.. These were taken about 5 months ago, but I'm sure you'll still recognise us! (well, maybe not Eadie.. haha). Enjoy!

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