Friday, February 5, 2010

Late Night Swimming!!!

Now that Juan works in the city again, the girls and I use it as a good excuse to hit Southbank for a swim and play on the toys a couple of times a week if possible. Today we decided it would be fun to pick him up and go in for a dinner time swim and a picnic. And it was fun! The girls absolutely LOVE water, and they are both getting really confident with splashing, putting their heads under, and just having a ball. Tori even does "big girl swimming" all by herself, like this:

The weather was lovely - even Juan got in for a swim! Tori was so excited when he took her into the "grown up" beach and they practiced holding their breath and putting their heads under the water (no, they aren't peeing in the pool, it's the lights in the water! :-)

After our swim we sat on a grassy bank and had a little picnic. The skyline was just beautiful and we had a great time. Our favorite times in the world are spending fun nights together like this one. We are trying to have more of them lately, as Juan has just finished another semester of school and we have a three week break until his next one. So we're taking advantage!!
We took some pics of the girls on their big night out! eNjOy!
)Oh, and note the pic of me and the girls up the top - Eadie looks just like Juan, and is even doing a little 'homie' pose with her hand. So funny!)

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