Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Our Big Green Thumbs

We are totally excited about a very simple thing. Our front garden patch. We had no idea that planting our own flowers would be so exciting! (And I had no idea it would be so easy! :-) OK, so Juan did all the hard work. He dug out the old weeds and bushes - some were massive by the way! - and added organic fertiliser and extra soil. I went to Bunnings and got a variety of cute flowers and together we planted them. We are so excited to watch them grow, they're like a bunch of new little babies! We fertilise them every week and water them once a day. Tori even has her own watering can, so she helps remind us when we haven't fed them! Juan is determined not to let me kill them, and I'm determined to show Juan that I do know how to keep plants alive!

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