Thursday, February 11, 2010

Playdoh Princess

Tori LOVES playing with Playdoh. Almost every day we pull out the colors and start creating. I say 'we' because - well, who likes to play with playdoh by themselves?? Not Tori! "Come play playdoh with me mummy! Come, come!" she says, waving her little hand in the air. Even though it's not my favorite past-time, how can I resist that little hand beckoning me to come and create a smile? So I go over and play - again. Her favorite playdoh scene is making a Teddy Bear's Picnic. We sometimes send them to the park, or to a lake. We make a big sun when it is day, or a moon and stars when it is night. Of course, this means they get cold, and we have to cover them with 'blankets', or sometimes we use their 'beach towels'. We give them 'bottles' to help them fall asleep. There are usually butterflies sitting in a big tree, and there is ALWAYS lots of food to eat! Making the food is Tori's favorite part of playing with P'Doh. Interesting, she also loves helping mummy at dinner time...

Maybe we have a chef in the family?? Hmm.. maybe not with Rani as her teacher!! :-)

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