Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Who's Your Daddy??

Juan has a special gift that I just cannot seem to duplicate, no matter how hard I try... He developed it after Eadie was born, and it has flourished and been perfected over the past 11 months.
He plays a game with Vettoria where he pretends to be Eadie.. I know, I know, they look a like, but this goes even further. He has mastered the art of 'speaking' like Eadie. Not that she can even talk, but Juan has made-up a voice for her. It's sweet and high pitched, and all he has to do is hold Eadie in his arms and say "Hi Tori, how's it going?" in 'the voice' and Tori is convinced. One conversation can be as ridiculous as this:
"Hi Eadie, I'm good how are you?" Tori responds looking at Eadie.
"Aw, I'm ok. I'm a little constipated but doing fine" says 'Eadie'.
"Oh no! Constipated? Is that why you cry when you poo?"
"Yeah. Mummy keeps making me constipated",'Eadie' continues, at which point I glare at Juan, while Tori glares at me. Then, just to prove how he has the situation wrapped around his little finger, Juan says, "Hey Tori, What's my name?"
"Your name is Eadie!
" Tori shouts.
Juan will then tell me to do 'the voice', which I pathetically attempt: "Hi Tori, how's it going? Hey, what's my name?" to which she automatically responds, "You're Mum!"
It's happened that many times I am now used to the rejection and just accept that Daddy has complete power in these situations. It's usually ok and fun until the 'three' of them begin to conspire against me in one way or another. Perhaps I say "C'mon girls, time for a shower". But if 'Eadie' says "No mum, I don't feel like a shower right now", that is all Tori needs to also argue, "I don't feel like a shower either!" I have even tried to come in with the Voice and say "Yeah Tori, let's have a shower and help mum!" to which Tori looks at me with a face that says, 'you have to be kidding...'. Once Juan finishes his victory dance and laughing fit, 'Eadie' then says "Aw, c'mon Tori, let's have a shower now", to which Tori will reply "Yeah Eadie! Let's go!"
Humph. Enough said!

Is it possible... I'm superwoman??

So get this. We went to the gym the other day and I hopped on the treadmill with a goal of reaching 6km. I had sucesfully reached 5k but had felt like I was pushing it, so I was even a little apprehensive about my new goal. Nevertheless, I drank heaps of water and filled my body with energizing food before I went.
So I set the machine to 9.8k per hour and I ran. I ran 4k and felt good enough to go to five. By 5k I felt good enough to go to six. I actually felt great! By 5.5k I felt something I had never experienced. It was as if I really had become "A Robot"! My legs just kept on moving, my breath just kept on breathing, my chest felt fine, my legs didn't hurt. What was happening to me?? At 6k I considered stopping, just because I had reached my daily goal, but how could I when I had so much energy and knew I could just keep going and going?? SO on I ran. 6.5k...7k....7.2k...7.4k.... I looked at my watch; I had to go pick up the girls from play group. But I could keep running! I knew I could do 10k today without a problem. But I didn't have the time! So I finished at 7.5km and hopped off and made my way to the child care room. From 5km to 7.5k!! Wow! But why didn't I feel worn out? I looked in the mirror...why wasn't my face glowing so red hot that I could see the steam fog up the mirror? Why weren't my legs aching? What was happening to me?
Was I super human? Or am I now...... A JOGGER! ?

I told one of the fitness instructors what had happened and she agreed that I had passed "the barrier"; a distance and speed where, if practiced enough there is a time when a jogger passes the rhelm of difficulty and their bodies have the ability to run and run without feeling the usual strain.

Isn't it great? Even though it wasn't the full 10k I really felt a boost of confidence that I am doing the right thing and really making progress to reach my goal. I don't know if this was just some amazing day I had or if I will be able to do over 7k every time from now on, but it is a great feeling to know that I can actually do it - and within my timeframe goal! So, here are the new stats:

THE ULTIMATE CHALLENGE: 10km in under 1 hour
CURRENT GOAL: 8km in 50 minutes
TIME FRAME: 14 weeks

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Many Names of Eadie McGreedy

Eadith Indiana: that is what her birth certificate says. Eadie: that is the shortened name we commonly refer to her by. But then there are others... So many names I almost can't remember them all. But just for fun I thought I would try to write them all down to give us an idea of how many names we use on a daily basis. So, here we go:
Eadith, Eadie, Eadie-McGreedy, Greedy, Padooki, Padooka, Mamooshka, Papooski, Babooshka (these are often hyphenated together in random orders), Chunky Monkey, Spunky Monkey, Angel of Music (that one is mine, don't ask me why I say it!) and Poomba, plus the regular Bubba, Angel etc.
Did I forget any?? Probably... But seriously, isn't that crazy? That's like 14 names just from the top of my mind. I don't know why we have given her so many (or why so many of them seem to follow a kind of 'Russian' theme.....wierd). Maybe it's becaue she has always been a big girl hence she is more cuddly and we love to make fun of that. Tori only ever had a couple.. Tori McGorey and maybe one more. Why has Eadie suddenly brought out the name-caller within us? I don't know... But she sure is fun to tease! :-)

A Momentous Occassion!

I have some wonderful news! OK, so perhaps only those who are parents will fully understand how exciting this momentous event has been... but for us, this is a big deal. You ready?
Vettoria is off the bottle!!!
That's right, you heard correctly! Our 2 1/2 year old no longer needs the bottle to go to bed at night. What a sweet, joyous relief! Now don't get me wrong, this did not take place overnight, or even over two nights. Juan and I have been torturing this poor girl by saying "no" everynight for almost a week. Pleading night after night with tears as we tried to comfort, reassure, even threaten her to sleep! On night number two I almost cracked under the pressure... Eadie called out for a drink at about 10:30pm and when I went in to hand her the bottle, Tori sat up in her bed and with tears in her eyes, her little voice pleading, "What about me, mum? What about me!" I explained that Eadie is just a baby and that she was too big for a bottle, then I walked out, followed by her tiny but desperate pleas, "What about me?" "What about ME, mum! What about me?"
Oh, it just about broke my heart. I had to keep reminding myself "Gotta be cruel to be kind"... and then turn to Juan for strength.

But alas, those days are behind us! Of course as an experienced mother I am not niave enough to realise that there will not be setbacks, but I am confident that we have taken a huge step forward in the weening process. Yay!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Best of friends.... worst of .....

So at the very moment I am sitting and typing this, all I can hear are the voices of Vettoria and Eadie in the shower upstairs together... No, I don't hear the sweet giggles and playful chants of sisters as they splash and play. Instead I hear, "Eadie, no! Stop that!" to which Eadie says, "Uuuhhhh!!!". Then Tori yells "Eadie! No! Give it back!" then I hear a plastic toy hit the bathtub and Eadie again groan loadly "Arghhh!!!!"... another bang of toys..... a frustrated whimper.... another Eadie grunt... silence. Then tori: "Aaaahh!", and it starts all over again.
I tell you, these two are at it all day, every day! It's a rare moment when they will sit next to eachother without one ticking the other off. Tori tries to climb on Eadie and gets mad when Eadie pulls her hair; Eadie takes Tori's book, so Tori takes it back again, after which follows the infamous 'Eadie Grunt'. How do I describe the grunt....? It's like a cross between an angry ogre and a whipper-snipper that wont start. Even though she's not even 1 year old, she has proved she is not one to be pushed around. Even though her 'fighting words' don't vary beyond "ehh" and "argh" you somehow know exactly what she is trying to say...
Sick of the fighting, I yell up the stairs, "Are you ready to get out?" to which I hear a very clear, "No not yet!". Bang...grunt... bang.
Interesting times ahead, people... very intersting indeed.....
Mum, dad, I know what you're thinking..... I get it now...

Saturday, March 27, 2010

What a Relief!

Well, I did it! I made, decorated, delivered, set up, and finished the biggest cake I have ever made! What a wonderful relief! I was just praying and praying through the entire process and I am so happy with the result! We had to improvise while putting the topper in position as the top of the egg just wasn't small enough to sit on the tier the way we had planned. But I think it came out even better than what we had originally planned, so it was actually a blessing that the egg kept on cracking! The new version really makes it look like the egg was 'exploding' and sending pieces falling all over the cake. Very effective!
I am just so relieved and happy that it is done, but there was one part of the whole experience that was a little difficult to swallow.... I found out this style cake was worth around $800.00 for a professional to make! Yeah... I didn't charge that much... :-) Oh well, I'll know better for next time! For now, enjoy the pics!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cake Update

So I'm almost done... But the hardest part is yet to come!! I'll be transporting it in two boxes, the bottom two tiers in one, the top two in another.... scary! When I get to the place I will have to then put the tiers together and put the topper on and decorate it to perfection. It's hard to improvise with a 2mm thick hollow chocolate egg! These are them so far:

Thank goodness Cassandra is minding the girls while I fulfil my quest! So I'd like to shout out a giant public "THANK YOU CASSANDRA!"

I am very nervous to do the final set up - more nervous than I have been even making and decorating it! So pray for me that it will all go smoothly and come out perfectly, please! I'll be sure to take lots of pics of the final display.. hold your breath!!!! ;-)

Thank Heaven for Mint Slice Cookies!

Question: What do you do with an 11 month old when she wakes up from her nap early while you are in the middle of icing a four tier cake?
Answer: Distract her with her first ever chocolate biscuit!

I turned away from the cake and this is what I saw!! I just laughed out loud, I was so socked at the mess! She had taken off the bib I put on her and it was complete chaos! Here are some more, just for fun!:

A Four Tier Fiasco!

I've been asked to make a four tier cake for a newly engaged couple and I am totally excited! It's a full on professional job which I am confident I can do, and I'm happy with the price I am being paid. I only hope I can now pull it all off!! After DAYS and DAYS of fussing back and forth with a design, the lady in charge finally settled on this one:

If you look closely at the pic you'll notice each tier has been cut out and placed in it's tier position on the paper behind it. That's because each piece has been used in different cake draft and the lady in charge would say "how about [this one] as [this tier] and [that one] down here?" So by the end I just cut out the tiers and put them in the places she wanted! But after all that, I feel we really did come up with the best design and I'm excited to make it! It's four tier with the base being 31cm and the top tier 15cm. There is also a topper which will actually be a Kinder Surprise egg with the top taken off like an 'expolsion' surprise. This will be the trickiest part, cause I'll have to be careful not to crack the entire thing!! I'll let you know how it goes - wish me luck!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cattot Bandages for Dinner, Anyone?

At last I discovered a great way to get Tori to eat carrots! My friend Kara has a very fancy vegie peeler and I watched her peel carrots for a salad sandwich recently. So for dinner the other night I decided to give it a try. Tori saw what I was doing and immediately asked for some.
"Uh... ok...." I said giving it to her. Straight into her mouth it went! So I gave her some more.
"Wow! I love this carrot, Mum!" She said stuffing more into her mouth.
"Well that's great sweetheart, because I have a whole carrot here for you!"
I then proceeded to peel the entire carrot and she stood there and ate the whole thing! So I peeled more for our plates, and she ate most of that as well! But then I think she was a little 'carrot-ed out' because she began roll-playing, pretending the carrot was ... a bandage. Yep, first she mended the table, then she fixed her finger. It was so cute I had to snap a pic. She was so proud of her idea she gladly showed it off! Do we have a future doctor in our midst???

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Art for Giggle & Hoot

Tori is a fan of Giggle & Hoot, a children's show on the ABC every morning. It's hosted by a young man named Jimmy Giggle and his friend, Hoot The Owl. They announce which kids show is on next, and they also do cute things like the "Art Gallery". It's where they show kid's art work that they have sent it to the show. During our drawing time the other day Tori said she wanted to draw a picture of Giggle & Hoot. So she did, and then she turned the paper over and drew even more characters from the show. It looks so cute and she agreed to let me send it to the show! I'll be posting it this week so I'll let you know if it's on! Meanwhile, here are pics she drew - ALL BY HERSELF! (I did the writing ;-)

"I'm a robot ... I'M A ROBOT!"

I did it - I ran 5km!! No walking, no dying, I just DID IT! And in 30 minutes! I was so excited watching the distance tick over to 5k I actually let out a "yes!" and threw my hands in the air! There was another lady in the gym and she had seen me egging myself on. She even said "Congratulations!" and let me make a big deal about it for a minute :-P haha.

At about the 4.5km mark I kept repeating, "I'm a robot... I'm a robot" - For some reason that actually helps; pretending that I am a machine programmed to run makes me keep going. Is that weird?? Who cares, I did it! ... Gee Listen to me, anyone would think I had ran the actual 10k! No, I'm not there yet, but for me 5km is such a huge thing it may'ze well be the full 10! When I started this on New Years Day I could not even run a full 100m. I have worked my way up to 5k and I feel fantastic! I have never set a goal like this before and actually accomplished it. I've always held the opinion that I have nothing to prove, so why push myself? Well, I now know why people do it. The feeling of satisfaction that comes with accomplishing goals is truly fulfilling. Wow, listen to me.... Imagine how I'll be in 16 weeks crossing that 10k finish line......... I can do this!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Welcome, Baby Olivia!!

On behalf of the Montes family I would like to say a big Welcome to our adorable little Niece, Olivia Annie Christinson, born Monday 8th March. Congratulations Alisha, Glen, Emilie, Thomas and Mitchell! She is just beautiful, well done guys!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


At long last my darling daugher Eadie has said that precious word.... "Mama". What music to my ears! For about 6 months she has been saying "dada" daily. I said "Mama", she said "Dada". Juan loved it. Until the night she finally said the word... Even though she was in considerable pain while soiling herself at the time, the word was still uttered, and hence it still counts.

"Ma-ma!" She said between sobs.
"I'm here for you, my precious, darling angel! Your mummy is here!"
I said gleefully.

She then didn't say it for three days, no matter how hard I tried.. but now I can report that she says it daily and regulary.. Hmm.... I guess I should be more excited about this. Listening to her say "dadda' is such a beautiful thing. They play and she giggles and coos and gaas while singing his name. With mine she usually has a frown on her face and it sounds more like this:

"MA-MAA!!" ...and I rush to help her.

Maybe she has just woken up and needs to get out of bed... perhaps she has fallen and needs help getting back up... maybe Tori took something off her that she was playing with... Or she can't quite get that piece of food on her fingers into her mouth...maybe she has aching teeth from teething... there are so many reasons... and so many times a day I hear it.... Juan loves hearing the word day after day, night after night... but I dunno... it sounded so much sweeter in my mind...

Excuse me, I hear her crying my name.......Good thing she's cute!!

Like Daddy, Like Daughters

Whenever we go out as a family there are six words that everyone says to Vettoria and Eadith no matter where we go. They are:

"You look just like your daddy!"

I am fully aware of the fact that I didn't get a look in with either of my children, but for two years I have struggled to even see Juan in Tori as much as people have said. I've agreed with them, but not really seen it.. Until THIS pic......

My goodness, do you see their smiles? It's like a mirror image of eachother! OK, so I admit I do see the resemblance now... I get it.... But hey, I still think Eadie looks like me.... Just a little? ....

Love 'em those IKEA hotdogs!

I am not ashamed to admit that IKEA is one of - if not my FAVORITE store of all time. I know, I know, "it's cheap", "their furniture breaks", etc, etc, I've heard it all... But I've bought many items from there over the years and honestly I have never had a single item break on me and I still have them all to this day. But anyway, that's not why I'm telling this... Another reason I love IKEA is the food! The meatballs and gravy with cranberry sauce are DELISH, the breakfasts are $2.00 and surprisingly satisfying, and the small kids meals are healthy AND affordable.
But one of my favorite things is THE HOTDOGS! $1 for a hotdog and 50c for an ice-cream - Who wouldn't love it? They're just as good as Wendy's where you pay $4.80 for the exact same hotdog - only at IKEA you put the sauce on yourself so it's just as you like it! But want even better value? Get the hotdog with the UNLIMITED FILLUP DRINK and it's $1.50!! I mean c'mon! I couldn't make it for that price if I tried! So having confessed this, I would like to publically declare my love and devotion to IKEA and say thank you for your awesome furniture, fun toys for the kiddies to play on, and especially your delicious and affordable food! :-)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Snow White and Rose Red

Tori and Ivy are just the best of friends! (when they can get over their toddler attitudes!) They would play together ALL day long if Cassandra and I would let them (and if they didn't kill eachother!). Physically, they are complete opposites: Ivy has straight blonde hair with a fair complexion, while tori has curly dark hair with a tanned complexion. But they never cease to make eachother laugh, nor get into mischief at any opportunity! When they first meet they squeal and jump up and down as they give eachother a bear hug! But the thing that gets Cassandra and I every time is that no matter where we are; whether at home, the park, or the shops, both their shoes are off their feet and swapped with the other's within a matter of 5 minutes of meeting. Serioulsy, I think I was doing this when I was 10 or 12, but 2 years old?? Goodness me, we certainly have two teeny-boppers on our hands! In between these fun and games are arguments and the occassional fight, but they always get over it and give eachother a hug when they say goodbye. So cute!

As for these pics I snapped while babysitting one day, I promise you all I said was "girls, let's take some photos!" and they posed all by themselves! They even ran over to the couch and said "take some of us here!". Before I knew it they were saying to eachother "Let's do this with our arms!" and there they were showing me their best 'bad girl' faces. I was shocked! (but laughing like crazy) So I just kept on clicking and before long they were hugging eachother doing poses like 15 year olds! I have photos like this of me and my friends - and it doesn't seem like that long ago! Looking at these photos makes me feel sad that they are growing up so fast... probably because they look like teenagers already!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

10km Challenge Update

During this month it rained for almost 2 weeks straight, which meant I didn't jog for, well, two weeks straight! (Hey, I'm dedicated, but I'm not deliberately going to run my new shoes in puddles!) So I thought it would be best to join a gym so I could get back into it without having to worry about the weather. And back into it I am! I've succeeded to fulfil my 4km goal and - get this - in the time frame of 24 minutes (a minute faster than my goal!!).
OK, OK, so I know that running on a treadmill is 'easier' than running on pavement, but hey, gimme a break! I'm going to do a road run once a week so I can assess how I am going outside, but as for now I'm just excited to be at it again. So, here are the stats:

THE ULTIMATE GOAL: 10km in under 1 hour
THE CURRENT GOAL: 5km in under 30 minutes
THE TIME FRAME: 15 weeks

Gym Junkies in the making....

So get this - Cassandra and I have joined a gym! That's right! We found a local that has cheap child care and a great variety of classes to choose from. We're stretching, crunching and jogging our way to be healthy Yummy Mummies! The kids play together in the childcare - ok, so we're still in the teething stage, but they are definately loving it more and more. Tori calls it her "Play Group" and since we aren't really ready to put the girls into day care the play group makes for a great chance to interact and play with other kids for an hour or two almost every day (That's right -five days a week dedication, baby!)

Meanwhile, Cassandra and I are discovering muscles we never knew we had. Between Body Balance, FitBox and Body Pump, every day we talk about how sore we are and how excruciating that last class was. But the worst... the absolute worst by far has been NAUTILUS. A torture chamber filled with machines made to bring pain to all who dare to sit on them. And pain we feel! But, while we put ourselves through this excruciating process, we laugh and joke and have a hilarious time watching eachother and egging eachother on. It's not until later when we go to our own homes that we contemplate what we are doing to ourselves and wonder whether it is worth the pain..... But then we return the next day and have fun all over again! See you tomorrow, Cassandra!

..A little TOO quiet........

Meanwhile... while Eadie and Kenzie are playing cute in the lounge room, something isn't right.... Where are the girls? Cassandra and I run around searching the kitchen and parent's bedrooms where they often get into Cassandra's makeup.. But this particular day we just had to follow the scent of.... TOOTHPASTE!

Who instigated this plot?? We don't know.. all we know is that they work together and there are always hilarious results...

Cuddly Cousins

It is sooo cute to see Kenzie and Eadie together. They are about 6 months apart, but they are beginning to interact with eachother like their older sisters. Check out these cute pics we were ale to catch while visiting Cassandra's house recently:


Now and again I'll be minding my own business when suddenly I will hear a frantic little cry for help - "Mum! Help me, please!" And sure enough, I find Tori in an awkward - yet hilarious - situation of some sort or another. The most recent couple I was able to catch on camera and they make for great memories. One moment arose when she was playing with my high heel shoes. I think she must got a bit carried away because the next thing I see is her walking into the kitchen saying "Help! I'm stuck!" and looking like this:

Another recent moment was a cry from downstairs, where I ran down to see her in this hilarious pose:

So I took a pic and of course, rescued the day. Such is the life of a Super Mum :-)

Alisha's 1st Baby Shower

It is crazy but true - With about 5 weeks to go until child number four was born, I found out that my sister Alisha had never had a baby shower! How is this possible? Every mother has to have a shower, even if we are three babies late. So she gave in to my begging and let me put one on for her. PROJECT - Yay! But with only 2 1/2 weeks to prepare, I needed help! The best person for the job? Alisha's first born, Emilie, of course! How many daughters can say they helped put on their mum's first baby shower? Not many! We got to work cutting and coloring and blowing up balloons and having a great time. And the best part - Alisha loved it!

I was very happy with how the cake came out. I tried to follow Alisha's color scheme of 'apple green', 'lemon yellow', and pink and purple with a daisy theme. She really loved it so I was very happy! I call it the 'Alisha' as a dedication to my awesome sister.