Thursday, March 18, 2010

Art for Giggle & Hoot

Tori is a fan of Giggle & Hoot, a children's show on the ABC every morning. It's hosted by a young man named Jimmy Giggle and his friend, Hoot The Owl. They announce which kids show is on next, and they also do cute things like the "Art Gallery". It's where they show kid's art work that they have sent it to the show. During our drawing time the other day Tori said she wanted to draw a picture of Giggle & Hoot. So she did, and then she turned the paper over and drew even more characters from the show. It looks so cute and she agreed to let me send it to the show! I'll be posting it this week so I'll let you know if it's on! Meanwhile, here are pics she drew - ALL BY HERSELF! (I did the writing ;-)

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