Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cattot Bandages for Dinner, Anyone?

At last I discovered a great way to get Tori to eat carrots! My friend Kara has a very fancy vegie peeler and I watched her peel carrots for a salad sandwich recently. So for dinner the other night I decided to give it a try. Tori saw what I was doing and immediately asked for some.
"Uh... ok...." I said giving it to her. Straight into her mouth it went! So I gave her some more.
"Wow! I love this carrot, Mum!" She said stuffing more into her mouth.
"Well that's great sweetheart, because I have a whole carrot here for you!"
I then proceeded to peel the entire carrot and she stood there and ate the whole thing! So I peeled more for our plates, and she ate most of that as well! But then I think she was a little 'carrot-ed out' because she began roll-playing, pretending the carrot was ... a bandage. Yep, first she mended the table, then she fixed her finger. It was so cute I had to snap a pic. She was so proud of her idea she gladly showed it off! Do we have a future doctor in our midst???

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