Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Four Tier Fiasco!

I've been asked to make a four tier cake for a newly engaged couple and I am totally excited! It's a full on professional job which I am confident I can do, and I'm happy with the price I am being paid. I only hope I can now pull it all off!! After DAYS and DAYS of fussing back and forth with a design, the lady in charge finally settled on this one:

If you look closely at the pic you'll notice each tier has been cut out and placed in it's tier position on the paper behind it. That's because each piece has been used in different cake draft and the lady in charge would say "how about [this one] as [this tier] and [that one] down here?" So by the end I just cut out the tiers and put them in the places she wanted! But after all that, I feel we really did come up with the best design and I'm excited to make it! It's four tier with the base being 31cm and the top tier 15cm. There is also a topper which will actually be a Kinder Surprise egg with the top taken off like an 'expolsion' surprise. This will be the trickiest part, cause I'll have to be careful not to crack the entire thing!! I'll let you know how it goes - wish me luck!

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