Sunday, March 14, 2010

Gym Junkies in the making....

So get this - Cassandra and I have joined a gym! That's right! We found a local that has cheap child care and a great variety of classes to choose from. We're stretching, crunching and jogging our way to be healthy Yummy Mummies! The kids play together in the childcare - ok, so we're still in the teething stage, but they are definately loving it more and more. Tori calls it her "Play Group" and since we aren't really ready to put the girls into day care the play group makes for a great chance to interact and play with other kids for an hour or two almost every day (That's right -five days a week dedication, baby!)

Meanwhile, Cassandra and I are discovering muscles we never knew we had. Between Body Balance, FitBox and Body Pump, every day we talk about how sore we are and how excruciating that last class was. But the worst... the absolute worst by far has been NAUTILUS. A torture chamber filled with machines made to bring pain to all who dare to sit on them. And pain we feel! But, while we put ourselves through this excruciating process, we laugh and joke and have a hilarious time watching eachother and egging eachother on. It's not until later when we go to our own homes that we contemplate what we are doing to ourselves and wonder whether it is worth the pain..... But then we return the next day and have fun all over again! See you tomorrow, Cassandra!

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