Thursday, March 18, 2010

"I'm a robot ... I'M A ROBOT!"

I did it - I ran 5km!! No walking, no dying, I just DID IT! And in 30 minutes! I was so excited watching the distance tick over to 5k I actually let out a "yes!" and threw my hands in the air! There was another lady in the gym and she had seen me egging myself on. She even said "Congratulations!" and let me make a big deal about it for a minute :-P haha.

At about the 4.5km mark I kept repeating, "I'm a robot... I'm a robot" - For some reason that actually helps; pretending that I am a machine programmed to run makes me keep going. Is that weird?? Who cares, I did it! ... Gee Listen to me, anyone would think I had ran the actual 10k! No, I'm not there yet, but for me 5km is such a huge thing it may'ze well be the full 10! When I started this on New Years Day I could not even run a full 100m. I have worked my way up to 5k and I feel fantastic! I have never set a goal like this before and actually accomplished it. I've always held the opinion that I have nothing to prove, so why push myself? Well, I now know why people do it. The feeling of satisfaction that comes with accomplishing goals is truly fulfilling. Wow, listen to me.... Imagine how I'll be in 16 weeks crossing that 10k finish line......... I can do this!!

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