Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Is it possible... I'm superwoman??

So get this. We went to the gym the other day and I hopped on the treadmill with a goal of reaching 6km. I had sucesfully reached 5k but had felt like I was pushing it, so I was even a little apprehensive about my new goal. Nevertheless, I drank heaps of water and filled my body with energizing food before I went.
So I set the machine to 9.8k per hour and I ran. I ran 4k and felt good enough to go to five. By 5k I felt good enough to go to six. I actually felt great! By 5.5k I felt something I had never experienced. It was as if I really had become "A Robot"! My legs just kept on moving, my breath just kept on breathing, my chest felt fine, my legs didn't hurt. What was happening to me?? At 6k I considered stopping, just because I had reached my daily goal, but how could I when I had so much energy and knew I could just keep going and going?? SO on I ran. 6.5k...7k....7.2k...7.4k.... I looked at my watch; I had to go pick up the girls from play group. But I could keep running! I knew I could do 10k today without a problem. But I didn't have the time! So I finished at 7.5km and hopped off and made my way to the child care room. From 5km to 7.5k!! Wow! But why didn't I feel worn out? I looked in the mirror...why wasn't my face glowing so red hot that I could see the steam fog up the mirror? Why weren't my legs aching? What was happening to me?
Was I super human? Or am I now...... A JOGGER! ?

I told one of the fitness instructors what had happened and she agreed that I had passed "the barrier"; a distance and speed where, if practiced enough there is a time when a jogger passes the rhelm of difficulty and their bodies have the ability to run and run without feeling the usual strain.

Isn't it great? Even though it wasn't the full 10k I really felt a boost of confidence that I am doing the right thing and really making progress to reach my goal. I don't know if this was just some amazing day I had or if I will be able to do over 7k every time from now on, but it is a great feeling to know that I can actually do it - and within my timeframe goal! So, here are the new stats:

THE ULTIMATE CHALLENGE: 10km in under 1 hour
CURRENT GOAL: 8km in 50 minutes
TIME FRAME: 14 weeks

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