Tuesday, March 16, 2010


At long last my darling daugher Eadie has said that precious word.... "Mama". What music to my ears! For about 6 months she has been saying "dada" daily. I said "Mama", she said "Dada". Juan loved it. Until the night she finally said the word... Even though she was in considerable pain while soiling herself at the time, the word was still uttered, and hence it still counts.

"Ma-ma!" She said between sobs.
"I'm here for you, my precious, darling angel! Your mummy is here!"
I said gleefully.

She then didn't say it for three days, no matter how hard I tried.. but now I can report that she says it daily and regulary.. Hmm.... I guess I should be more excited about this. Listening to her say "dadda' is such a beautiful thing. They play and she giggles and coos and gaas while singing his name. With mine she usually has a frown on her face and it sounds more like this:

"MA-MAA!!" ...and I rush to help her.

Maybe she has just woken up and needs to get out of bed... perhaps she has fallen and needs help getting back up... maybe Tori took something off her that she was playing with... Or she can't quite get that piece of food on her fingers into her mouth...maybe she has aching teeth from teething... there are so many reasons... and so many times a day I hear it.... Juan loves hearing the word day after day, night after night... but I dunno... it sounded so much sweeter in my mind...

Excuse me, I hear her crying my name.......Good thing she's cute!!

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