Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Momentous Occassion!

I have some wonderful news! OK, so perhaps only those who are parents will fully understand how exciting this momentous event has been... but for us, this is a big deal. You ready?
Vettoria is off the bottle!!!
That's right, you heard correctly! Our 2 1/2 year old no longer needs the bottle to go to bed at night. What a sweet, joyous relief! Now don't get me wrong, this did not take place overnight, or even over two nights. Juan and I have been torturing this poor girl by saying "no" everynight for almost a week. Pleading night after night with tears as we tried to comfort, reassure, even threaten her to sleep! On night number two I almost cracked under the pressure... Eadie called out for a drink at about 10:30pm and when I went in to hand her the bottle, Tori sat up in her bed and with tears in her eyes, her little voice pleading, "What about me, mum? What about me!" I explained that Eadie is just a baby and that she was too big for a bottle, then I walked out, followed by her tiny but desperate pleas, "What about me?" "What about ME, mum! What about me?"
Oh, it just about broke my heart. I had to keep reminding myself "Gotta be cruel to be kind"... and then turn to Juan for strength.

But alas, those days are behind us! Of course as an experienced mother I am not niave enough to realise that there will not be setbacks, but I am confident that we have taken a huge step forward in the weening process. Yay!

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