Monday, March 15, 2010

Snow White and Rose Red

Tori and Ivy are just the best of friends! (when they can get over their toddler attitudes!) They would play together ALL day long if Cassandra and I would let them (and if they didn't kill eachother!). Physically, they are complete opposites: Ivy has straight blonde hair with a fair complexion, while tori has curly dark hair with a tanned complexion. But they never cease to make eachother laugh, nor get into mischief at any opportunity! When they first meet they squeal and jump up and down as they give eachother a bear hug! But the thing that gets Cassandra and I every time is that no matter where we are; whether at home, the park, or the shops, both their shoes are off their feet and swapped with the other's within a matter of 5 minutes of meeting. Serioulsy, I think I was doing this when I was 10 or 12, but 2 years old?? Goodness me, we certainly have two teeny-boppers on our hands! In between these fun and games are arguments and the occassional fight, but they always get over it and give eachother a hug when they say goodbye. So cute!

As for these pics I snapped while babysitting one day, I promise you all I said was "girls, let's take some photos!" and they posed all by themselves! They even ran over to the couch and said "take some of us here!". Before I knew it they were saying to eachother "Let's do this with our arms!" and there they were showing me their best 'bad girl' faces. I was shocked! (but laughing like crazy) So I just kept on clicking and before long they were hugging eachother doing poses like 15 year olds! I have photos like this of me and my friends - and it doesn't seem like that long ago! Looking at these photos makes me feel sad that they are growing up so fast... probably because they look like teenagers already!

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