Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Who's Your Daddy??

Juan has a special gift that I just cannot seem to duplicate, no matter how hard I try... He developed it after Eadie was born, and it has flourished and been perfected over the past 11 months.
He plays a game with Vettoria where he pretends to be Eadie.. I know, I know, they look a like, but this goes even further. He has mastered the art of 'speaking' like Eadie. Not that she can even talk, but Juan has made-up a voice for her. It's sweet and high pitched, and all he has to do is hold Eadie in his arms and say "Hi Tori, how's it going?" in 'the voice' and Tori is convinced. One conversation can be as ridiculous as this:
"Hi Eadie, I'm good how are you?" Tori responds looking at Eadie.
"Aw, I'm ok. I'm a little constipated but doing fine" says 'Eadie'.
"Oh no! Constipated? Is that why you cry when you poo?"
"Yeah. Mummy keeps making me constipated",'Eadie' continues, at which point I glare at Juan, while Tori glares at me. Then, just to prove how he has the situation wrapped around his little finger, Juan says, "Hey Tori, What's my name?"
"Your name is Eadie!
" Tori shouts.
Juan will then tell me to do 'the voice', which I pathetically attempt: "Hi Tori, how's it going? Hey, what's my name?" to which she automatically responds, "You're Mum!"
It's happened that many times I am now used to the rejection and just accept that Daddy has complete power in these situations. It's usually ok and fun until the 'three' of them begin to conspire against me in one way or another. Perhaps I say "C'mon girls, time for a shower". But if 'Eadie' says "No mum, I don't feel like a shower right now", that is all Tori needs to also argue, "I don't feel like a shower either!" I have even tried to come in with the Voice and say "Yeah Tori, let's have a shower and help mum!" to which Tori looks at me with a face that says, 'you have to be kidding...'. Once Juan finishes his victory dance and laughing fit, 'Eadie' then says "Aw, c'mon Tori, let's have a shower now", to which Tori will reply "Yeah Eadie! Let's go!"
Humph. Enough said!

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