Sunday, April 4, 2010

Better Homes & Gardens, Eat Your Heart Out!

On Saturday I finally got around to doing something I've been talking about for months. I planted a vegie garden! Thankfully my friend Kara gave me three Styrofoam boxes to plant them in, otherwise I knew I never would have dug up the backyard and actually done anything! So a BIG thank you to Kara for giving me the boxes!

So while Juan 'whippered' the backyard I took myself to Bunnings to check out my vegie options.... TOO MANY! Way too many! I wanted to get everything from spinach and squash to corn and cucumber but knew I would have to hold back until I could prove to Juan that I was capable of growing a few first (OK, OK, and prove it to myself as well!!). So I settled on a varety of herbs, some corn, peas, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, and baby carrots.
I walked out spending about triple the amount I had intended and came home with lots of potting mix (which passers-by were very impressed I could lift so high into the trolley, I might add!), garden soil, a new pair of gloves, and even a little wall hanger thing for some added height. This would be fun! So I asked Tori if she would like to help me and we got to work!
So you know what I've discovered I love? Potting mix! I don't know if there is a difference between potting mix and soil, but potting mix seems light, moist and almost 'fluffy', whereas soil just seems like DIRT. I even preferred to keep my gloves off so I could feel the dirt in my fingers and the leaves and roots. Tori was happy about this because she hated the feeling of dirt on her hands and was relieved when I let her keep on the 'really cool' gloves. I think the gloves were actually her favorite part of the whole experience! I was very surprised about this because I know if it were a lizard or a crocodile she was asked to touch she would love it... interesting..
So, we potted and planted and had a great time, then moved everything out to the backyard where they now all sit in a 'Full Sun' position under the kitchen window. I am determined to make Juan's prediction that they will all be dead within two months not come to pass, so I'll have to read up a lot about vegie gardens and how to make them flourish. But for now, I will just water, fertilise, pick, and send them good vibes to out flow Juan's negative ones .....
...Grow, my pretties! Grow! Grow!! Grow!!!

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