Sunday, April 4, 2010

4 Days, 3 Families, 2 Dinners, & WAY Too Many Easter Eggs!

Easter long weekend - how glorious it is! And how full on it is! This year's Easter has been a whirlwind of different events and emotions (and it's only Easter Sunday - its not even officially over yet!) This is Vettoria's second Easter but probably the first one she fully understands who the Easter bunny is and what he does. And understand, she does! He is the one who delivers the Eggs Eggs Eggs galore! Heaven bless the Easter bunny because he gives us lots of chocolate eggs! :-(

.... Ugh! SO over eggs...

Unfortunately Tori and Eadie have both been sick over this past week, but were still feeling up to going out to the Easter celebrations we had planned. It began on Friday afternoon when the we met with the extended Montes family sisters and brothers-in-law. Karla, Josh and the kids are over from Canada, and Carmen, Joe and the kids are down from Emerald, it was so great to spend some time with them. We met at a new found water park and what a great park it was! It's huge, green, located on the Brisbane river, and there are toddler pools and rivers running through fun little playgrounds with all sorts of things for kids to do. But if you don't want to sit and play, you can always walk around the paths and see the beautiful sights around the place. However, despite its beauty we just couldn't get those girls to smile in any pic! But check these out anyway!!

Next came Saturday. Juan spent the morning 'whipper-snippering' the backyard (thank goodness - it was a jungle out there!) and made me relieved I am not a guy when he said he saw three cane-toads living in there, things were trying to bite ankles, the more he snippered the more excited the birds in the trees became because of all the crickets.... YUCK!! Not my idea of a good time! So, instead I spent the morning shopping for vegetables - but that's a whole other post altogether! So I'll move on to the afternoon:

We made our way to my sister Alisha's place for the annual Easter Egg Hunt and dinner. This was the first year my parents weren't there, which was quite sad for all, especially the kids. We spoke to them on Skype and ever since, Vettoria must have had a memory relapse because she has been asking when we are going to go around to Grandma's house, more than once! :-( So we are really looking forward to their visit in a couple of weeks! Tori and the kids loved searching for eggs in the backyard and they each walked away with a lot more eggs than their little stomachs could handle! So, of course Juan and I have been helping Tori out with her's... Hey, I'm only looking out for my little one... think of the poor children!

Anyway, the dinner was delicious, the kids were cute, the house was huge, and the family was fun.. what more could we ask for?? Here's a couple of pics of Tori during the hunt!!

Unfortunately, Saturday ended with both girls feeling worse than they had all week, and Vettoria ended up at the hospital! Not fun. Although they both woke up looking and feeling better, we didn't go to church on Sunday (the one day the rest of the world DOES go!) but instead stayed indoors all day in the hope that whatever bug they had would leave their poor little bodies once and for all. It seemed to work and they were eager to go the Montes Family Easter Egg Hunt and BBQ that afternoon. So off we went to the park and the girls ran around again collecting MORE Easter eggs! But this time Tori loved it even more because she knew exactly what she was doing and even where she should be looking! So, off she went like a rocket and despite not feeling 100% she had a wonderful time. It was so great to see her playing with Elly and Sophia, her cousins from Emerald and Canada, who she only gets to see every year or so. It's crazy to see them all together, they have such a "Montes look", it's very cute. After that we ate Juan's burnt sausages (which tasted better than it sounds!) and had a great time catching up and laughing a lot. Here are some pics of the great afternoon:

And that concludes the Easter Egg Hunt Special Edition of our Easter weekend 2010 thus far! We hope yours was just as fun and family filled. Oh, and mum & dad, just know that we miss you and are thinking about you heaps! (especially Tori who I think has forgotten you live so far away! :-)

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