Friday, April 16, 2010

I Couldn't Resist!

How CUUTE! I looked on facebook and came across this pic on Karla's profile. How beautiful! I just love this photo of Tori with two of her cousins, Sofia and Elly. Sofia is 4 and Elly is about 5 months older than Tori so they all love hanging out and playing with eachother.
You can really see the Montes gene coming through with these three. All tanned, dark eyes and curly hair! I imagine Sofia is similar to what Tori will look like at the same age. And Juan had a dream once where Eadie had short curls when she was about 3, and when he saw Elly he was surprised that she has the same hair he saw in his dream! Hmmm, that will be interesting to see!
Meanwhile, we make good lookin kids!!

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