Monday, April 26, 2010

The Incredible Worlds in Playdoh..

So I've written a post before about Tori's love of playdoh and making up stories about the characters we create. But I just had to snap some pics of our latest adventures. Tori's story telling abilities are getting more and more in depth and her imagination often runs wild with ideas. I'll use the pictures to let you know how this story goes.. it's pretty classic:

So first the teddy bears relax by the pool on their deck chairs, all wearing their swim suits, of course.

But the sun is hot so we had to make an umbrella to give them shade.... (the red part is sand)

Time for a swim!! And what would a pool be without a big ball to play with?

Now they are tired.... They need to lie down on their beds and have a nap... of course they also need blankets and a good-night book to read....

Oh, and the bottle of course..... And don't forget the stars!! And the moon (on the background...)

Sleep well Teddies.... You had a very big day today!

How cute is that? Well, I say cute now, but the 45 minutes we actually spend making all these things can get a little tiresome... but the memories are sure worth every, "Oh! The sun came up! It's time for the teddies to go swimming again! Make the pool again mum! Don't forget their towels!"

Ahh... love em, those playdoh teddies...........good times, good times..

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  1. Rani you are SO talented with the playdough! Seriously, I love that you take so much time to play with Tori, awesome!