Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just a Quickie for fun

So this will be a very quick one because it just took place 1 minute ago but I think it is so cute and funny I just have to tell you about it!

Vettoria came in holding a book and asking if I could read to her.
"Mummy, can we please read Honkihontas?" she asked.
"Read what?" I said.
"Can we please read Honkihontas", she repeated.
She then held up the book and I realise she was saying "Pocahontas!"
I laughed out loud to the point where she became sad that I was laughing 'at her'! I felt terrible, but explained how to pronounce the name. She has so much trouble saying it I have settled on "Ponkihontas" and said "that's right, good girl" in order to make her feel better. Now, whenever I say "what is her name again?" Tori says, "I don't like saying her name mummy..." :-(
Oops... maybe I laughed a little too loud..?
But seriously... 'Honkihontas' ? Who wouldn't??? ;-D

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