Thursday, April 1, 2010

Married to Clark Kent...?

I'm going to tell you about my amazing husband. Now I'm not bragging, I'm just filling you in on some facts... I'll start by reminding everyone that Juan received the 'Sportsman of the Year Award' as a senior at highschool. This was a pretty good feat to say the least, but to understand his actual potential in sports is a whole other feat altogether! One thing you should know about my darling husband is that throughout his entire highschool career he NEVER pushed himself to try harder. So when I say he ran the 1500m (1.5km)race in under 4 minutes, this is 100% natural talent... WOW! That is like OLYMPIC medal fast. To put it in perspective, the fastest man to ever run the 1500m was named Hicham El Guerrouj from Rome, Italy and he ran it in 3mins 26seconds. It's no wonder he was in state championships and beating people who woke up every morning to train! But he never did. He just ran because people told him to.

However, since we have been married he has put on a bit of weight. For a while there I managed to keep him slim but my cooking must be getting better and better or something, because over the past year he began to get "the bulge". But neither of us minded much until someone at his work commented on his "belly without the beer". Just between you and me I think he freaked out, but don't tell him I said that!

So I've been pretending that I don't believe the incredible stories I've heard about his Highschool days, cause seriously from what I've seen on the Soccer field, I don't exactly see Champion Runner material.I just see a worn out husband who always comes off complaining about bruised shins and clicking knees.

But tonight, he decided to prove it to me. SO WE HAD A RACE! While waiting for dinner to cook, we made a plan. Run to the lights and back -that's 2km exactly. One stays back with the girls with a timer, the other tries their best. I went first. And I gunned it! Honestly, I had forgotten what it was like to run on the road. It's a LOT more full on than running on a treadmill! Uneven paths, wind resistance, cars; it's a battlefield out there! But still, I ran a good race. I came back and he stopped the clock: 11minutes, 30second. Whoo hoo! Good job! I had never run faster than a 6 minute 1km, so I was very happy. Sweating, extremely worn out and redfaced, but stoked. I had to brag about how great I was, so I let him have it.

Then it was Juan's turn. Keep in mind the only running he has done since highschool is on the soccer field, 4 months out of the year, often only once a week for up to 90 minutes. So I was pretty confident he wouldn't beat my 'up-to-5-day a week' trained body. I was wrong.... He ran 2km in 9 minutes!! Uh... hello?! AMAZING!!! Imagine what he could do if he tried!! That's awesome.

Anyway, so he won. And now I wont be able to live it down. But that's ok, because when I was forced to run the 400m at my primary school athletics carnival I just about DIED. And now I can do a 2k in under 12 minutes. I'm GOOD!!! (but my husband is better... I know Juan, I know!! ;-)


  1. This is such a funny story! Good on you both for doing it :) I have to say your fitness goals are inspiring to me, maybe Ill see you in the gym sometime!

  2. Great story Rani! I think its so funny that you actually had a race. I have no doubt my husband could beat me. But maybe I should secretly train up then give him a suprise race. MAYBE :)