Wednesday, April 7, 2010

An Ode to Enjo

Enjo Enjo, oh how I love Thee!
Enjo, so happy am I
Enjo Enjo, making my house clean,
Enjo, so glad I did buy!

Enjo Enjo, with kids in the shower
Enjo, I cleaned the whole room!
Enjo Enjo, I see Thy great power,
Enjo, not one scent did loom!

Enjo Enjo, a clean house is better,
Enjo, I owe it to Thee!
Enjo Enjo, if in doubt make wetter!
Enjo, I now love to clean!

I know it seems dramatic, but ever since I moved out and began cleaning my own home I have followed the same awful routine when cleaning my bathroom. I will now share it with the world...
1) Make sure all children are asleep and all bedroom doors are closed.
2) Put on 'cleaning T.Shirt and shorts'.
3) Enter bathroom, close door, open all windows, turn on exhaust fan. Remove all washing baskets, towels and bathmat from the room so they do not get marked.
4) Hold breath, spray entire shower with Exit Mold and walk out of bathroom. Put on gloves.
5) Two minutes later return to bathroom and while holding breath, proceed to scrub entire shower using 'Non-Scratch Super Scrub' metallic wipes.
6) Every 15-20 seconds run to window and breathe air deeply, hold breath again and continue scrubbing.
7) Once scum is removed, turn on shower and water down sides of shower. For areas that cannot be reached, fill small bucket with water and wash down all sides. Exit shower.
8) Using paper towel, wipe down all insides of shower until dry.
9) Using Windex, spray entire outside of shower and mirrors and using paper towels wipe until dry.
10) Return all towels, washing baskets and bathmats, then exit room, leaving all windows open and exhaust fans running for approximately two hours or until fumes subside.

Now for some, perhaps you are reading this and saying "Are you kidding me? That is ridiculous, you're obviously not cleaning your house properly or often enough". Well, to that all I can say is, you're probably right! I do struggle to clean my bathroom, particularly during the entire 9 months I am pregnant, and then finding a time when the girls are both asleep is tough. But even when I am not pregnant and the girls are both asleep, I still struggle to breath properly in the fumes that come from the only products that seem to work at all. And changing my clothes, using my oldest towels, removing any vulnerable items from the room... My goodness, I don't know how I did it for so long!

It might sound dramatic, but I actually do feel that tonight one part of my life has changed! While Vettoria had a shower, using my new Enjo products I wiped down the outside of the shower and cleaned the mirrors. Once she stepped out, I proceeded to wipe out the inside of the shower and dry it off, all just using the bathroom hand-held thingo and the cloth that comes with it (sorry, I can't remember their names!) . I then walked out not having turned on the fan, no windows open, and all the while Vettoria came and went as she pleased. She even helped me wipe it down at one point! In the past I have been fearful that she would actually grab hold of one of the cleaning bottles, let alone have her help me use them - no way!
My goodness, it is an absolute marvel and a breakthrough and I am so glad I was introduced to it. My first thought was "Hmm.. I dunno, it's seems expensive for cleaning products..." but I cannot put a dollar on the immense relief and satisfaction I feel that I am doing the best I can for not only my environment and my bathroom, but my family and for myself! I make a vow to keep my bathroom cleaner from now on because for once, I have NO EXCUSE!!
Kara, thank you for being brave enough to become an Enjo Consultant and I look forward to buying many more products from you in the future!

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  1. I'd love more enjo but too busy with nurtrimetics and tupperware at the moment to attempt another party :) I too put off the bathroom cleaning. bleh!!!!