Monday, April 26, 2010

Two Princesses & A Goldfish

Sunday was such a beautiful sunny day we headed out to the lake after church. And boy was I glad we did!! You wont believe it, but the giant gold fish was close to the water's edge and we got some AMAZING views of it! This fish is absolutely extraordinary. I chatted with a uni student studying marine life at the lake one day and she said many of the students thought the fish was an urban myth because the sightings had been so rare. I told her I had seen the orange one a few times and the white one a couple. She was shocked! She said it was a phenomenon and it was amazing that sightings of the fish have been seen as far back as 30 years ago!

Incase I haven't raved about it to you, these two goldfish live in a small lake in Springwood, not far from our (and Alisha and Cassandra's) home. It is seriously a GOLDFISH, like the ones you see at a pet store, however this fish is absolutely HUGE. From the look of its shimmer under the water it looks like it must be at least 70cm, probably more with its tail. It is just amazing, actually quite freakish, I can't say enough about it! It's BRIGHT orange and on this particular day it actually came up to the surface of the water and we could see its scales come out of the water! It makes my stomach churn with butterflies just remembering it!

Don't believe me?? Think I'm exaggerating???? Well this day, I had my camera with me! So, I will let the photos do the talking and you can make your own assumption about "The Goldfish in the Lake!"

This pics just don't capture the sheer freakiness of the creature... Brrr!!! Freaks me out!

ANyway!!!! On to funner things!! We fed the ducks and birds and had a great time walking around the lake just enjoying nature and being together. We also took some family pics because the girls looked so cute in their little princess tiaras, Tori just loves wearing hers and often wants to wear it to the shops. So of course we had to force Eadie to wear one as well to make the pics look even cuter!! haha. So enjoy our family pics at the lake!

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