Monday, April 26, 2010

Should I be worried?

During Karla and Josh's last week in Brisbane our families headed to Southbank for some fun in the sun with the kids. For hours they had a wonderful time, playing and splashing in the water, running and - ...ok, so that's not true... Tori didn't play and splash at all. Her idea of fun was a little different than the others... Maybe I should just show you the pics:

So while her cousins ran around splashing like kids, Vettoria spent at least an hour walking from rock to rock carrying them and lining them up on the side of the pool. She then found some leaves to strategically place on each of those rocks... She was so proud of her 'beautiful rocks' I just had to snap a pic.

Then following the fun at the pool, we had ice cream and headed back to the car. On the way back, we walked past these big old boat thingos... here, I'll show you:

"Can I play on the toys mum?" Tori immediately asks. I explain to her that they aren't toys, they're just big statue things. She protests, "But they ARE toys mum! Can I play on them, please?" I try again to tell her that they aren't toys, but she insists they are the coolest 'toys' ever and pleads to let her 'play on them'. So I decide to stop walking and let her play, if only to prove to her how boring they are in the hope that she will believe me that they are NOT toys. But instead of proving me wrong, she proceded to go from object to object doing the most with them that she possibly could, in her attempt to prove they were as fun as they looked. It was quite hilarious to watch, so I snapped some pics of her playing on her new and exciting 'toys'. Check these out:

"Look mum, I can push it!" Wow.... "Yep, that's good, Tori....."

"Look, I can sit on it!" ... Yippee..."Ooh, you be careful now! Don't play too hard...."

"See? Look what I can do!" ...uh huh.... "Wow! Look at you go! Fun!"

"Mum, they were really fun toys!" ... Sure... "Yeah! Super fun for everyone!"

Hmm... Tori's ideas of fun things to do are a little different than mine, that's for sure! But hey, as quirky as they are, they sure make for adorable photos!!! (look at that model pose! I don't even have to coach her!! haha)

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