Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Story of a Galah named Jorge

We rented a Diego DVD recently that had an episode about a hawk named Jorge (that's George in Spanish and it is pronounced "Hore-Hay". So I'll call him this while I type so everyone wont be calling him "Jorge" pronounced George.....). So his name is "Horhay The Hawk" and Vettoria just fell in love with him on this DVD. But even the episodes weren't enough for her! She even 'found' (looked in her toy box) her very own "Horhay The Hawk". She was so excited to see that she too had her very own 'Horhay' . But it gets funnier for a couple of reasons:
First, 'Horhay' is a Galah. Yes, a Galah. Not a Hawk. But hey, Tori's imagination never ceases to amaze us, so to her toddler mind, George the Galah really is Horhay The Hawk. And hey, who are we to burst her bubble?
Second, Tori has become so obsessed with 'Horhay' that she actually sits on the couch patting him like he is a cat or a puppy. I think he has even become like a live pet to her. It's cute, but kind of weird at the same time...

But check out a pic we took on Sunday where she refused to put him down for the photo, so the Galah actually also got a place in our family pic. Oh, sorry, I mean... the 'Hawk' was in our family pics.. and look how Tori is standing there 'stroking' him... Brrrrr!!! ..freaky..
Anyway, we took some pics of her with 'Horhay' so that you can all see how much he loves her new pet "Hawk".

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