Thursday, April 15, 2010

...Two going on Twelve....

So Vettoria is acting more and more 'mature' every day. It's incredible to watch. It's like she just knows that her birthday is coming up and being 3 is older than being 2, so she is doing 'older girl' things. She is using more and more vocabulary every day - and we all know that Tori's vocab is pretty good, so you can imagine what kinds of things she is coming out with now: "Wow mum, that's just incredible!", "What's happening guys?" or "How wonderful!", also "Oh, it's just so good to see you!" and "Baby Lauren is just SO adorable!" It's pretty cute. But then I ask her to do something. For example while she is watching T.V...
"Hey Tori, can you please put these books away?" I say.
"No mum, not right now" she replies. I look at her.
"Excuse me?" I say.
"I said no mum, not right now. I'm busy." I continue to stare at her.
"Vettoria, I just asked you to help me put these books away. Now please come over here and put them away."
"Mum", she says, raising her arms in the air, "I'm in the middle of watching my T.V. show. I'm busy right now and I don't have time to help!"
Of course I'm shocked, so that is when I start with the "I am your mother and when I say pick up the books, I mean pick up the books, now do it right now or the T.V. goes off for the rest of the day!" to which she then throws back her head, rolls her eyes and goes, "O.K! UGH!" and I watch as she skulks over to the books and begins to pick them up.

...UH.... What just happened here? I'm sorry, am I living with a toddler or a teenager??? Where has this attitude come from? Not me, I'm sure! Hmm.. it must be Juan......

Another example is this picture.. I caught her doing this the other day and was shocked that it had started so early. I mean sure, we do it on staircases as we get older for something fun to, but she is two and doing it already! Check this out!:

She is sliding down the staircase already! Thank heavens it is just down the last three steps, but still, toddler or teenager here????? So, that's another thing I've had to recently reprimand her about.
Another thing is her bed times. She would stay up until 10pm every night if she could. She will use any excuse to not have to go to sleep. I remember doing the same thing to my parents.... YEAH, WHEN I WAS TEN!! She uses a couple of different techniques to try and get her way. First, the "I would like a drink of water please"... or the "I have to go to the toilie!" or even the "...I'm ready to finish my dinner now!" ...but her latest tonight was "I can't go yet, I just have to finish my hotdog". I think she knows I want her to finish her hotdog because she rarely finishes her dinner, so tonight she was totally using it to her advantage. Let's just say that her usual bed time is 7pm... but tonight we were eating in front of the movie "Finding Nemo" and through using the "I'm just finishing my hotdog" technique she managed to squeeze another HOUR out of me - until the end of the movie! Every time she said it I let her 'win' another round in the hope that she WOULD actually FINISH her hotdog. But once the movie had ended I wasn't surprised that she let me throw the last quarter of it in the bin before walking upstairs to bed. Humph. I know she thinks she won that round, but little does she know I let her 'win' so that she ate three quarters of her dinner tonight! ha ha ha. Oh yeah, this mama is one step ahead of you, YOUNG lady! One.. step... ahead.... that's right. I'm in charge.

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