Thursday, April 15, 2010


So we now have four walkers parading through our house, officially as of this past week! Eadie is up and getting around like a little pro, she rarely crawls now, only when she is worn out from burning all that rubber, or if she can't step over something. She is so cute, she's still at that "arms held out but running as fast as she can" stage. If she has to turn in another direction she stops dead in her track, turns her entire body to face the new direction, regains any lost balance, then continues walking like the little dynamo she is. Sometimes you can just see the joy in her eyes that she is doing it! She still reaches out to where she wants to go to and thumps her hands on it like a little victory 'bang' to show us all that 'she made it' ! It is sooo cute. Ahh.... my little baby is turning into a toddler.... Some say "wow, that went so quick!" but to me, it really hasn't. She got so big so fast it actually feels like I've been waiting for her to walk for the past 9 months!! But hey, she is only 11 months old and that is a wonderful feat for someone who was 20lb at 6 months.. Well done sweetheart! We are all very impressed that you can carry your beautiful chub so well from place to place.

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