Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bad Mother of the Year Award Nominee.........

As mothers, we go through these "Am I doing all this right?", "Are they as healthy and happy as they could be?", or "What more can I do?" moments. Well, this week I had a "I suck!", "When will I learn?" and "I'm a BAD MOTHER!" moment. It went something like this:

I put Vettoria up in the shower as I made dinner. Like normal.
She played and then I went up and washed her hair. All normal.
She then got out, we put on her PJs and she came down and watched me make dinner. Still normal. When Juan came home he gave me a kiss then made his way to Vettoria where he gave her a kiss. Again, normal.
"What happened to her eyebrow?" he suddenly asked. NOT normal.
"What?!" I said, instantly afraid. There are only a couple of things in the world that constitute someone asking what happened to an eyebrow, and none of them are good.
"It's on both of them!" Juan said, pulling back her fringe to reveal a hideous and heart-stopping scene. My heart sank as I realised it was ALL MY FAULT.
I'll let the photo explain what happened:

While in the shower MY shaver dropped from its shelf and she played with it 'like Daddy' !!!! My poor, poor baby girl. I gave myself the "Do you realise what could have happened?!", "Lucky for you it wasn't a lot worse than that!" and the "You left it on the sink and she cut her chin the last time, remember? When will you learn Rani?!" lectures over and over....

On a positive note, it's actually difficult to see when her fringe falls over her forehead, so that's a good thing for her... But even though she doesn't seem to care, it still doesn't take the sting out of it for me....... :-( OK, I've learned the lesson to keep dangerous things out of their reach range.... ...again!!!

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