Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Birthday, Eadie McGreedie!

We just can't believe our little new born baby is ONE! How did that happen? It has been a very exciting past couple of months watching Eadith change from being a baby, to a non-stoppable little toddler. Between walking then running, growing three new teeth overnight, learning to say "Tun-tu!" ("Thank you!") and so much more, we just love watching every minute of her life.

We celebrated her birthday with a family gathering at our house. It was the first time in over 2 years we have had so many people crammed into our little family room, which I was freaking out about, but we fit everyone in quite comfortably (including 7 kids and two babies!) and had a lovely time. Eadie received some great toys including a set of eight toothbrushes (random I know, but I actually requested them! Unless you know what it's like to say "Where is my toothbrush?!" in the morning and find it downstairs laying on the floor beside a pair of shoes and covered in hair and saliva, you cannot understand how frustrating it is when your almost three year old reaches up and gives it to your almost one year old for something fun to play with!). So, thank you Christinson family for giving us ALL this random but much loved gift!!!

She was also given a great toy piano toy with lots of noisy buttons to press, and an adorable book that plays farm animal noises (which has actually become Vettoria's favorite book ever!). Not only this, but she also received a beautiful blanket and bedding set that is so cuddly I'm thinking of using it myself! Oh - and did I mention the $50.00 note she got in a Happy Birthday card? So thank you to everyone who came and made the night such a special one for our special little girl.

Oh, almost forgot - she also got one of the most fabulous toys ever created! I found it at a "Made in China" store while at the markets that day - A Bubble gun!! Eadie just LOVED it and the kids went crazy in our tiny lounge room, jumping around and having a great time! Eadie could hardly contain her excitement at the awesome gift. Here's some pics. I've circled Eadie for you so you can see how much she absolutely LOVED it:

Yep, she loved that gun.... Good times, good times.

So between making the cakes for the markets held that same Saturday I was strapped for time to make her birthday cake. So I whipped out a couple and threw them together around 10pm the night before. Darned if I could think of a theme or decorations, I was so relieved I received my new edible designer prints from America in the mail that week! So I decided to give them a try as an experiment to see how they look. I then stuck in the tallest candle I could find, wrapped it in a matching print and added some piping (Did I mention how much I HATE piping?). Although it's not my greatest work it was a cute cake and it did the job. And hey, I remembered to sing "Happy Birthday" to my child this year, unlike poor Vettoria's 2nd birthday where I was too preoccupied taking a photo of the cake to remember to do it! Never again kids, I

Lovely baby, lovely toys, lovely family... it was a great night. Happy Birthday Eadie!!

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