Friday, May 21, 2010

My Night with Zorro....

Our ward had a great activity on Friday night that I was so happy we attended. Even though I put a lot of effort into the preparation, I still had to talk myself into getting ready to go 2 hours before. I'd had a full-on day with the girls and the weather was drizzly and cold. All I wanted to do was put the girls to bed and snuggle with a blanket on the couch.

But no Way! I'd gone to too much effort finding our costumes to do that! That's right, COSTUMES! It was a Hollywood themed fancy dress dance and Juan and I decided to go as Zorro and Elana from The Mask of Zorro. Of course, we decided this the day before the dance, so I was forced to frantically search for something, anything to throw together! Juan came together pretty good.

So, a special thanks to THOMAS for letting Juan borrow his Zorro cape, belt, and mask! Yes, the cape was extra small, but it did the trick! I then took off to the op-shop to look for a fabulous "Elana" outfit. I was fully aware that no look would come close to Catherine Zeta-Jones, nevertheless I walked away reasonably happy, especially because I pulled it together in about two hours! In all honesty I don't think the outfit resembled very much what Elana wore in the movie, but it kind of resembled the 'era' and the 'mode' of it all. However let's just say at the dance I was asked if I was "Maid Marion" and a "Gypsy"... Hmmm.... I had to walk next to Juan if I wanted to be recognised!! :-P

Oh well, we had a GREAT time and I got in my bi-annual dance fix, so that should keep me going til close to the end of the year! Tori on the other hand had quite a mixture of emotions that night. From the foyer she could hear the music and was excited, but when we entered the rec hall it was dark and very loud. There were lots of lights and suddenly people in costumes were coming up and telling her how cute her bumble bee costume was.... it was all TOO overwhelming! So for the first while she only wanted to be in the well-lit hall way, and then only with us sitting down... that is until we got up and danced! All of a sudden she wanted nothing more than to be on that dance floor with us! (In our arms always, but still in the mood for some fun). With Eadie asleep in the pram wearing her little fairy dress (don't ask us how she managed to fall asleep with all that noise!) and Bumble Bee Tori dancing the night away with Juan and I we had a wonderful night! Here's some pics for you:

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