Friday, May 28, 2010

Sunny Soccer Saturdays....

Every year Juan plays in the local Mormon soccer team as part of the Christian Soccer Association. Before the kids were born I used to attend every single game and it became a big part of our Saturdays during the season. But once Vettoria became old enough to walk around I just couldn't keep up with her and the game, and between that and the cold it just wasn't practical anymore.

But last Saturday was too beautiful to stay inside and my girls are old enough to play together, and we just couldn't resist going! So we got out the picnic blanket, took some books and balls and hit the park. Although I love watching Juan play, I knew the girls wouldn't share my enthusiasm, so I was grateful for the playground which provided ample entertainment! But we also got some fun pics which I thought I'd share. Oh, and Juan's team won 4-0! They have actually won every single game this season! (A huge improvement from last year). It makes for one happy husband, let me tell you!


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