Friday, May 28, 2010

"They are so much alike!" or are they???

Everywhere we go, people constantly say "Wow, Eadie looks JUST like Tori!" and "They are identical, it's amazing!" I agree with them of course, as they are right; they do have a very similar look. But in my memories they are also quite different. I decided to match some pics together to see whether my memory is playing tricks on me...
Vettoria is on the left and Eadith is on the right:

1 month:
6 months:

1 year:

WOW! When they were born I think there were distinct differences, but when they were 6 months old they definately looked similar. But although Eadith has maintained Tori's 6 month old look, Tori really did look different at 1 year old compared to a present day Eadie.

Well well, now we know. I was wrong, and right! Meanwhile, they are both just so gorgeous!!

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