Friday, May 28, 2010

Tori the Parrot.... or something!"

Tori is so hilarious, she never ceases to amaze me. Everybody who has met her knows she is an absolute parrot. So when she comes out with comments the exact way I say them it makes everyone laugh, especially me. Some of these have included "...This is ridiculous!", "Don't do it again!", or the latest, "You're driving me insane!"Yes, that's right. My two year old says to me the words, "Oh mum, you're driving me insane!" at which I try not to laugh as I look at her and say, "Excuse me?".

There is however one word she hasn't got quite right... Usually she repeats the phrases in the correct context and, even though they are hilarious, they do make sense. Until she tried to copy my word "Already". You know, we use it things like "Hurry up already!" or "Just leave it already". Well Tori began saying another word and it actually took me a couple of times before I realised what she was trying to say. She tried to add my word 'already' onto some of her statements. But instead of 'already' she walks around saying things like, "This is ridiculous or something!", "You're driving me insane or something!" and "Eadie put it down or something!", and pretty much anything else you can imagine.

Now, I don't know whether she does think that is what I actually say, or if one day she went to say what I say but forgot what the word was, so she just said 'or something' instead. But it is absolutely hilarious and she uses it regularly every day. Most of the time it is completely out of context and just sounds funny added onto her sentence. But we love it and I just had to write about it. "Isn't it funny or something?" :-)

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