Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mission Accomplished!!

Attention please! I would like to announce that I, Rani Montes have officially ran 10km!!! I did it! I accomplished my goal! I did it last week at the gym on the treadmill. I know, I know... the treadmill is renown as being 'assisted running' but I am going to claim it a personal victory anyway!

I am so excited about it! I pushed myself and I actually accomplished my goal. What a wonderful feeling! The BIG DAY is coming up quickly on July 3rd where I'll be 'competing' in the Gold Coast 10km at 7.20am. I am really excited about it, even though I haven't ran on the road since the time Juan and I had our race that night a couple of months ago.... it will be interesting to see how I go.... I will hit the road some time in the next week and give it my best shot. Part of me actually just wants to keep training on the treadmill because it is now my comfort zone (!!!) and then just give it all I got on the actual day and see if I can pull it off.... Hmmm... we'll see. For now I am just ecstatic that I have come this far. I started on JANUARY 1 and couldn't run more than 200m at a time. I went from 100m to 1km the first week, then 2km the second, and the rest is history! And VICTORY!

What a wonderful feeling to accomplish a goal! This is quite comparable to walking across that stage to collect my degree! (Listen to me.... imagine what I will be like on the actual 10km day!!)
I'll keep you posted!


  1. That is so exciting Rani! Congratulations!!! Good luck for the Gold Coast.

  2. Fantastic job Rani I have to say you are Oprah-sized inspirational to me on this one. You are doing what I say I will do. Good luck Rani its very exciting.