Sunday, July 18, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Tori!

Vettoria is now three, we just can't believe it! We had a fun little birthday for her at our favorite park, Riverside Rocks. It was mostly family and she had a great time showing off her brand new bike (with REAL training wheels ;-) and helmet, and she received some gorgeous presents! Thank you to everyone, you are too generous! She loved her cake, especially the Tinkerbell doll on the top which she now loves to carry everywhere she goes, along with her Woody doll from Grandma and Grandpa Hunt.

Even though I actually went to more effort this year with the party decorations than the actual cake, I forgot to take pics of my decorating handiwork!!! :-P Argh! (there's always something I forget! At least this time it wasn't singing "Happy Birthday" like it was at Tori's 2nd, so I must be getting better!) But here are some pics we did snap on the day, hope you enjoy them with us!

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  1. that cake looks too good to eat Rani! Stunning!!! As are your little munchkins - they are sooo cute!!! Its hard to believe we're all mum's sometimes...? Love the washing dishes story too :) xxx