Sunday, July 4, 2010


I cannot believe I fulfilled my goal! I ran the 10m race and I quite frankly, kicked butt!!! :-) Needless to say, it was a fantastic experience and one which I definitely learned a lot about myself. But to get to the nitty-gritty details, the time I ran was.... drum roll please..... 1:02 !!!! I can't believe it!! I cannot believe I ran my goal time. I was always aiming for 10km in 1 hour and I cannot believe I got close enough to say "I did it!" YAY!!!

This was me on the day with my cheer squad. Thank you Juan for looking after the girls, I know it was a crazy hour!!
OK, because I know you're all totally anxious to hear the exciting story I'll take you through the photos, the emotions and the tumultuous (even hilarious) experiences as best I can..... Here we Go!
First, the event was HUGE. There were 10,000 participants running in the 10km race; half in the first leg and half in the second. I was running in the second at 7:45am. Here is a snippit of the number of people were involved (except it went back for about another 100m!!):

I waited amoungst them all, not knowing what to expect, but really excited to start moving:

And then we heard the siren and all began inching forward!

The first 2km were pretty uneventful; it was mostly just trying to keep your rhythm while attempting to overtake slower joggers. That was probably the most frustrating thing. Being surrounded by thousands of people all moving forward makes it difficult to move to the left or right to overtake or find your own stride. But by the 4km mark everyone had their own pace and place and it was more comfortable
By 5km I was wondering if I would actually make the entire 10km! I was desperate for my second wind to kick in come 6km like it normally did..... But it didn't!! Come 7km I felt DONE. I wanted to stop. I just wanted to NOT run anymore. But every time I dared to slow my legs for even one stride the next stride kicked them back into running mode. It was like my body was more comfortable running than walking... despite the excruciating pain of it! But even though I felt as though I was running on empty for the last 3km, I honestly did not feel any twinge of a stitch, nor a cramp, nor a headache, or any other thing that could have and had crept up in countless training sessions. So that was an awesome relief!! But OH how I wanted to stop running!

Come 8km, all that was keeping me going was sheer pure WILL POWER. I had absolutely NOTHING in me. My legs were moving, but only because I literally could not stop them moving. I wanted it to be over so terribly, and I was afraid with every turn, with every KM number I saw on the side of the road that it was NEVER going to end. I noticed people began to overtake me. I began imagining Juan and the girls waiting for me. I imagined my house in the distance. I pretended I heard uplifting music in the background.... I even reminded myself that if I could go through labor TWICE, I could do this! I just knew I had to give it my ALL. Despite wanting to quit every second, I knew I would regret it if I stopped, if I didn't try as hard as I possibly could. I wanted to say I could not have gone on any further. So with each image in my mind, with each dragging footstep....with each desperate "please let this be the last turn...", it eventually was....

With about 40m to go, surrounded by screaming people, out of the noise I heard "Go Rani!" and looked to my right to see Juan waving at me! What a wonderful relief!! I was home! I made it! There they were! At last! Here is the pic Juan took of me as I ran past:

To be perfectly honest I am shocked that I was actually standing as upright as this pic shows! I could have sworn I was hunched over and my legs were only takng 10cm steps at a time, seriously!! But what happened next was the funny part... Once I turned back to the race and ran for about 10 more steps, I suddenly coughed. It was a big cough. But I didn't worry, until I coughed again. This was not good... I was only 25m away from the finish line... hold it in, Rani!!! Suddenly, I felt more than coughing inside my chest. As I fumbled my way forward holding my hand up to my mouth desperately trying to make the coughing stop, I heard a man say out loud in the crowd, "Oh no, she's not gunna make it....." Yes, he was talking about me! And he was right. That's when I felt the vomit! I rushed to the sidelines to a spot with the fewest people I could see, and it all came out. The young boy sitting within a 30cm radius staring across at me did not look impressed. Although it was embarrassing and I hoped Juan wasn't snapping pics, I was actually more concerned just about finishing the race! So once I let out everything inside of me, I wiped myself with my shirt and continued running. And, despite puking 25m before the finish line, I crossed it a WINNER!! :-)

What a relief! Such a wonderful feeling!! I'd done it! Goal complete, I could now go home knowing I gave it my absolute 200% ALL. I had not one thing more to give. And even though vomiting was gross, I now look at it as a proud moment which confirms to me that I gave more than even my body was able to cope. I did what I said I would do.
And I even got a medal and a shirt to show off! :-) To bad about the gross shirt colors (grey background with yellow, white and dark grey writing... :-( .....but I still love wearing it. haha.

Within 15 minutes I was surprisingly alive and even 'peppy'. It never ceases to surprise me how fast you can get over a race like that. Don't get me wrong, I was not about to do it again, nor would I be able to, but I seriously thought I would be dead on the ground! Instead I met Juan and the girls, and we went on home. Came. Saw. Conquered.

Everyone asks whether I'll do it again next year.... you know what? I don't know... I'm still sore, so the idea is not too appealing now... but maybe come the new year I'll change my mind..... and Juan says he's excited to go in it with me next I hear a challenge coming on???? :-)


  1. Great work Rani! You should be very proud of yourself, it certainly sounds like you gave it everyhing you had and despite the vomitting interruption you still made your goal time! That is very impressive! Congratulations!

  2. Yippeee Rani, you definately have proven you have a fighting spirit. I am amazed at your dedication. Good on you girl. Poor thing you puked though.

  3. Yay for finishing!! Sounds disgustingly hard though!!!

  4. Woohoo! Go Girl!

    You, me, Juan and all our running friends - 10km Gold Coast race, July 2011.... hahaha!

    xo Tammy

    PS. By the way, in the second line of your post, you accidently typed '10m race' instead of the '10km race'... totally cracked me up! You can sign me up for THAT race anytime :)

  5. Thank you all! LOL Tammy, I am totally copying that sentence and printing it up for all to see - ...and I quote:
    "You, me, Juan and all our running friends - 10km Gold Coast race, July 2011"
    (notice I removed the 'hahaha' ???) I'm definately in if you do it with me! That will give me good motivation !! We'll be chatting soon, I'm sure.... hee hee hee