Thursday, September 2, 2010

Exciting News!!

We are very excited to announce that we are PREGNANT! Yes, number three is on the way! To be perfectly honest we were very surprised, but what was the most surprising was that I was five weeks pregnant when I ran that 10km race!! Now I know why my second wind didn't kick in... and no wonder I vomited!! :-P (Hey, that's my excuse and I'm stickin' with it!) Unbeknown to us we were also pregnant when I went back to work a couple of months ago. So that explains why I have been unusually exhausted as well!

However I am pleased to report that I have not had anywhere near the normal nausea or vomiting I had with Tori and Eadie. What a relief! This does make me wonder if maybe we have a boy on the way, but either way I am just relieved! In replace of nausea however I have definitely had my fair share of annoying side effects.... I have NEVER been as hungry in my entire life as what I have been this first trimester. Even right now as I sit here, but stomach is yearning for more food. I have woken up many a night at 3am with an overwhelming need to eat, and I'll rush downstairs and munch on an apple as I wait for four pieces of toast to cook. I am particularly craving salty and savoury foods, as well as anything sour. Even lemon is more appealing. I buy bags of sour lollies, and Vegemite on toast is a sure favorite. But although the cravings for food have subsided compared to what I used to get, I am still shocked at the overpowering urgency of how hungry I can suddenly feel! (Which makes me wonder again whether I have a boy in there......)

As well as that I have been completely exhausted. Starting part time work 2 days a week I am sure has not helped. But I tell you, it's hard to fight the desire to just lay down and slip into a coma when you have to look after 2 toddlers.....

Not only this but my sense of smell has increased like I never thought possible. I have heard about this from plenty of other mums but have never experienced it myself. It is so weird to be driving in the car with the window down and know, before you drive past that there is a bakery coming up on your right..... or to be walking through the child care center and know that they have just recently washed the dishes.... But the worst is the smell of tomato sauce which, although I love to eat it, makes me feel sick to smell. If Eadie or Tori have it on their hands I know it before they do! It's weird....

Although we are just past 3 months my tummy has definitely popped early this pregnancy, I have to undo my jean button already! (Yes, of course I'm sure it's the pregnancy, and not the 100kg of food I eat every day... right..??) Seriously, if this baby has anything to say about it I'll be looking 9 months pregnant by the end of my 2nd trimester!

Nevertheless, we are excited and we will definitely keep you updated! But right now I'm starving so I'm going to get something to eat!!!


  1. hahahah - Rani you make me laugh!!!!! ANd CONGRATULATIONS!!!! How exciting - and even more exciting that you were so far along before realising it - that must have been awesome! And so so glad you're not as sick this time and there's nothing wrong with eating - you look like you could eat for a month without it showing anywhere! SO excited for you....good luck and can't wait to hear how your

  2. can you believe that i am blogging from my phone as we speak while the kids are in the bath right next to me, the wonders of technology . But what is even more exciting is to hear you are pregnant with baby 3. I love the wonder of creations of god more than the creations of man made materials and techno stuff. Glad to hear you are coping better this time round. I know the smell thing i had it full on. Helps with detecting all kids of things. I hated the smell of grass.