Sunday, October 24, 2010

Baby number three is a.......

GIRL!!! We found out we are expecting a beautiful baby girl! How exciting! I had a scan today and the three little lines revealed it all. Another female mini-Juan on the way, no doubt! ;-) 

Daddy and I are very excited, and so are the girls - especially Vettoria, who had it guessed from the moment I told her the news. "It's going to be a girl!" she said, and she hadn't altered her mind for one second since. 

Of course, Juan said a girl as well, so he is beaming with pride for two reasons:
1) He was right AGAIN, and 2) we are going to add another little beauty to our family. We are both really excited and with only 20 weeks to go we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our little sweetheart.

Lots of names still up in the air, I think we will have a list of about four or five to pick from when she is born.
.....When she is born.... ahhhh..... that sounds nice.....  :-) 

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