Sunday, October 24, 2010

Double Bubble Trouble!

So I have come up with an awesome way to entertain the girls while I do the dishes. Normally it is a challenge for them and me as I stand there with Tori at my side pleading to help but I don't have the time to watch her take 20 minutes to wash one cup and she doesn't want to touch the water which is way too hot for her, and then there's Eadie is grabbing my legs and maneuvering her way from the front of my legs to the back -through the middle of course.

Even though I am sure seasoned mothers have long ago discovered this game, I'm pretty excited about it because not only was I able to get all the dishes done without them killing eachother or me killing them, but they sat there for an HOUR and a HALF playing with these things and there was almost no mess to clean up. I even sat down and had a snack in the process -- Genius! And it's as simple as ... dish bubbles!! I set up their little table and chairs in the kitchen near the sink and they sat very contentedly playing with the foamy bubbles. I got out plastic cups to make 'ice-creams' and spoons just to add that 'something extra'. I couldn't believe how into it they were, and all I had to do was shake the water every now and again and keep those bubbles coming.
But the best part? The plastics all went onto the clean dishes side to dry, and a quick wipe down and it was spotless! (Even sparkly clean!) So, I will definitely be playing that game again!

Look at those smiles... now that's real fun! :-)

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