Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Eadie's Toothbrush Addiction

I couldn't let another month pass without mentioning Eadie's funny toothbrush quirk. At any time of the day she can be found walking around the house with a toothbrush in her mouth and the toothpaste in her hand. Juan has hid his from sight so that no one can reach it, as toothbrushes have often done missing since Eadith discovered this cool new gadget.
She was given eight kid's toothbrushes for her 1st birthday in July and I have had to confiscate them and hide them in the storage cupboard to stop her from grabbing a new one and losing it every single day. The annoying thing about this is that when she can't find one of hers, who's does she go and get? Mine. I have had to put it up on the windowsill just so I can find it when I need it! There is nothing more frustrating than wanting to brush your teeth and having to go looking in the kid's bedroom where you find it
on the floor surrounded by toys and shoes! But alas, I managed to snap these pics this morning so you can see how adorable she is, despite her annoying obsession... Enjoy!

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