Sunday, October 10, 2010

Family Mud - I mean, Back-Yard Fun

So, our backyard is gross. I am the first to admit it. OK, I more than admit it. I'm the first to scream it out at the top of my voice! When the girls want to play outside I cringe at the thought of literally the dirty mess they will inevitably make. Sure, we have toy cars, paints, a basketball hoop, balls, etc, etc, but you know what they want to play with? Yep, my old dead vegetable patch (yes, they died... I don't want to talk about it....).
And what is an old vegetable patch beside a big pile of DIRT? So, that is how my girls entertain themselves outside in our 'awesome' backyard.They play with the dirt. "It can't be THAT bad", I hear you say... well, I will show you some of our most recent pics:

Yes, that is soil under Tori's feet, and yes, that is dirt on Eadie's lips..... But this is my favorite.... Tori watched a Play School episode where they did large paintings on a long fence with paper over the top. I guess she was excited to give it a try herself and express her artistic side and well, so this is what she called me outside proudly display:

She was soooo proud of her work, what could I say? So, I took some pics and told her gently that we should only do that on paper, and preferably with paint. I was however very impressed at her creativity and, on a positive note, the rain has washed it off the shed anyway! So I guess it was a cleaner than many of her paper painting activities we've had in the past! But, you can imagine what the two of them came back into the kitchen looking like... hence why the next pic I have to show you is this:

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