Saturday, October 30, 2010


"Meow!!" This Halloween we decided to all go as scary black cats! OK, not all of us- Juan refused to dress up, and the outfits really weren't that scary, but we were totally excited about our costumes, and it was a lot of fun. Each year we head to our friend's Kara and Eli's place for the annual Halloween party. It's a great time to catch up with long-time friends. This year I was pregnant 'mother cat' with my two little 'kittens'. I was really happy with the results, especially considering I made the costumes myself! I was planning on using staples and glue (don't judge me) but decided last minute to give that white machine a go... That's right, I actually sat down at a sewing machine and pushed my foot to that pedal thingy and the cotton stitched! I could hardly believe how easy it was. Thank you to Alisha for letting me mess up your dining room with black fluffy material and elastic!
So once we put on all black clothes we added our ears and tails. The girls were so excited to put on the face paint, I was shocked Eadie stood so still! The girls had been practicing their "meows" for the past week and once they were dressed up there was no stopping them! (or me for that matter!)

We had a great night and I couldn't believe the girls kept their ears on almost the whole time! They were so cute running around like my little black kittens. If only the daddy cat had agreed to participate... maybe next year Juan? ... Yeah right! ;-)  I'll have to think of something masculine and macho before that happens!! Until then, me and the girls can look adorably fabulous and he can be the photographer... HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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