Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pregnancy Update - Week 17

So we are now up to week 17, how exciting! Time seems to be going by differently than the other pregnancies. It's as if this little one is just quietly growing, getting bigger, doing its own thing. With Vettoria at week 17, I was still vomiting at least five times a day so there was the constant reminder that the baby was growing and developing. With Eadie I felt her moving at about 15 weeks so it was easy to constantly remember I was pregnant. But with this one I look down and see the bump and feel "that's right, I'm pregnant, that's why I'm so tired all the time!" I know it sounds weird, but with the girls keeping me busy throughout the day and being so washed out in the evenings, plus the fact that we have all been sick this past week which has been a big distraction, it's easy to actually forget to remember that I'm pregnant! Crazy I know.

I could have sworn at about 9 weeks I was feeling this baby move quite regularly. I know, it sounds unbelievable, but it's true. Then by about 12 weeks I wasn't feeling it as much. I now feeling little jabs every now and again at night which is fun, but apart from that this pregnancy has been quite uneventful. Medical appointments and ultrasound visits keep us all in suspense of whether we have a boy or a girl which, I might add we will be finding out once and for all in 2 weeks exactly- how exciting!! And yes, we will be finding out. Juan has convinced me I do just HAVE to know. haha.
As for my size, I feel as though I have shrunk a little from the first trimester. But, there is a constant bump and the only comfortable shirts to wear now are maternity, and of course maternity sweatpants are the most comfortable things in the world anyway!

Tori: She thinks there is "a baby girl in mummy's tummy".
Eadie: According to El Salvador Myth/Tradition the hair part on the back of Eadith's head says the next child in our family will be a girl (this has been surprisingly reliably for generations...)
Juan: He is convinced we have a girl as well
Rani: I was thinking it's a boy for the first three months because this pregnancy has been so different from the the other two. But I remember thinking I had a boy with them as well... So, according to my last failed predictions, I am going to go with a baby girl as well just because I always seem to be wrong.

We have a couple of names we are tossing up, but that can be kept for another post. :-) ...Suspense!!
Anyway, feeling fine (apart from the flu) and growing bigger week by week. Will keep you posted!

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