Saturday, October 30, 2010

Swimming with Cousins

While Juan slaved away at work the girls and I had a great time at swimming at Southbank with Carmen, Irma and their kids. Tori and Eadie just love spending time with their cousins Ellie, Noah and Isabella. Not only this, but they also got to swim, which they love almost as much! Before I had even layed out the towel Tori and Ellie were off in the water splashing like fish and having a great time!  I was shocked, as the last time we went swimming she wasn't nearly so eager.

Eadie on the other hand was a little more hesitant... A couple of months back she developed a small fear of water - I think it may have developed one day when the bath-plug made a loud sucking noise as the water went down... it did sound pretty scary, poor thing... so we have reintroduced her to baths by reminding her how much she loves showers, then slowly letting the water get higher over the days. We are back up to normal baths now, so I was surprised by how afraid she was to actually go into the pool. After a while she let go of me and played in some small puddles before splashing in the shallowest of water. But we still had a great day filled with sunshine and smiles!  (Even though you can't see it on Eadie's face here... haha :-)


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